Staff Contact List

Last Name First Name Role in School Email
Alsop Mrs. Linda Kindergarten
Bentley Mrs. Melissa Grade 2/3
Black Ms. Allison Learning Support
Bolivar Mr. Jose Head Custodian
Gesy Mrs. Margot ELL Teacher
Gordon Mrs. Sandra Kindergarten
Gorseth Ms Nicola Gr 3
Hall Ms Sherry Gr 1/2
Hazelton Mrs. Heather Noon Hour Supervisor
Janzen Mrs. Golda Grade 4/5
Massin-Ball Mrs. Brigitte S.E.A.
McDonald Ms. Lorie Strong Start
McDonald Ms Shelley S.E.A.
McKellar Mrs. Kelly S.E.A.
McLeod Ms. Fran Grade 5/6
O’Byrne Mrs. Riki Grade 2/3
Oliver Mr. Sean Principal
Pearce Mrs. Susan Noon Hour Supervisor
Plant Miss Victoria S.E.A.
Schmidt Mrs. Rebecca Music
Senften Mrs. Christine Grade 6/7
Swerdan Mrs. Cathy Admin Assistant
Wagenaar Mrs. Christine S.E.A. on LOA
Wallis Mrs. Wendy Library Tech

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