5 Things to ROAR About – January 15, 2016

15 Jan
  • Mrs. Powar’s class were working on communication, teamwork and movement in the gym as they tried to get all the way across the gym without letting anyone on their team touch the floor. Interestingly, when they were asked to complete the task in silence, their time to cross sped up considerably, and there were way fewer accidental ‘falls into the water.’ Perhaps too many captains on one ship is even more counterproductive than we might think.

  • Ms. Hall’s class have been working on some combined curricula. These butterflies are working on both visual art skills and on multiplication. Notice that each wing is spotted with an even number. Some students went even further, with the bottom of the wing showing twice as many spots as the top halves. There is also teamwork involved in these, as each side of the butterfly was completed by a different student. They had to collaborate, negotiate and communicate as they made their designs. There’s also some learning about symmetry going on here, even if the students don’t know it yet.

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  • Mr. Masigan’s class did an investigation of the environmental cost of making an iPhone.Ironically, they’re using iPhones to tell us about the impact of iPhones. And we’re a school that prides itself on using technology to enhance student learning. Which it does. šŸ™‚ Students are working on gaining a broad view of the world, and on looking at complex issues from a wide range of perspectives. ImportantĀ things often aren’t simple, after all. Watch for more on this one on a future edition.
  • Before Christmas, Mrs. O’Byrne & Mrs. Bentley’s class went to Lochiel school to experience an example of what schools were like in the days of the pioneers. Students used PicCollage to build posters that demonstrated similarities and differences between school then and school now. Some things haven’t changed a lot, and others are unrecognizable.
  • Students in music class are working on some technical, musical terminology these days, singing a song about sweet food, and blending it with learning about crescendoes, forte and piano, staccatto and more. Here’s a sample!


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