5 Things to ROAR About – January 8, 2016

08 Jan

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome back. We’re looking forward to sharing a whole new range of learning experiences with you.

  • We came back to a ‘sort of’ snowfall, and made the most of it, with a few sleds on the hill beside the school. Even more engaging, though, was how some students got to playing with the runoff and meltwater, experimenting with erosion, finding the fall line on our gravel field, and figuring out just how much hydraulic pressure a wall made of gravel can withstand (not a lot). This is the sort of hands-on learning play that inspires me, and that makes me remember causing some significant erosion in the backyard when I was a grade 4 student living in southern Ontario.
  • It was a nostalgic week for me, as Mrs. Janzen’s students worked on an art project that also brought back memories of my years in the east. They painted winter scenes with cardinals, those bright red birds that we don’t get here in southwestern BC. Students worked on their technique using acrylic paint on canvas panels – more challenging than paper, because ‘it has dimples, so you have to work harder to get the paint everywhere.’ That difficulty was made up for, though, by the fact that acrylic was easier to paint with than watercolours, because watercolours ‘come out thinner so it’s hard to get the colours you want. They’re see-through.’
  • We’ve had spiders and elves, and now we have another set of school guests for a while. On Thursday, we took delivery of xxx salmon eggs to Ms. Hall’s care. She and Mrs. Gorseth’s classes (with others visiting, no doubt) will rear the eggs until they are of a size that can be released as fry into a local stream. Right now they aren’t much to look at, I suppose, but it will be fascinating to watch them go through their various developmental stages. We learned a few interesting facts about them when they arrived. Apparently, ‘The eggs age by the degrees in the water’ to the point that I believe a student told me that they could, theoretically, stay alive for years until conditions were right for hatching. Also, ‘salmon eyes look black.’


  • Mrs. Gorseth’s and Mrs. Powar’s classes had a great time at Flip City Gymnastics on Wednesday. They learned about various movements, safety (of course) and tried out a number of new (for some) movements. They got to try out the speed track, trampoline, trapeze and foam pit, and they learned movements like star jumps, split jumps and flips. Sounds like fun!
  • Mrs. Alsop’s class are working on 3-dimensional design, and used recycled materials to build a variety of 3-D objets d’art. They experimented with shape, sound, construction, and saved a bunch of perfectly good buildingĀ materials from the recyclers!

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