5 Things to ROAR About – December 18

18 Dec
  • Once again, we have exceeded expectations with the Christmas Bureau campaign. Thanks to the generosity of West Langley families, we provided gifts and food hampers (and very impressive ones, too) for three families in Langley. A team of parents and students made the deliveries on Thursday, and both the recipients and the Lions involved were very moved. To top all that off, we had so much donated that we were also able to make significant general donations to the Food Bank and the Christmas Bureau. Congratulations and thank you, West Langley.IMG_4419
  • Mrs. Alsop’s class have written applications to be reindeer. It is wonderful to see their writing develop. Some of them are already working on letting their sense of humour come through in their writing.
  • The WE Day Students have done a remarkable job, with help from their parents, at both their global and local campaigns. The Rafiki and Bake Sale proceeds from last week totalled nearly $850. That’s enough to buy  17 goats already. Take pride in the difference we are making in the world. Thank you for your generosity, and we hope you enjoyed the baking!

Thanks to all of you for your support in our battery drive, too! Before Christmas, we delivered approximately 60 kg of batteries – 2142 of them – to be recylced appropriately, and to generate donations to UNICEF as an added benefit. We will do a collection again in the new year, probably after Spring Break. In the meantime, save up those dead batteries.

  • On Tuesday, Mrs. O’Byrne and her grade 2 class, along with a dedicated group of parent volunteers, made the trek down to Lochiel School in Campbell Valley Park. There they experienced a pioneer Christmas. Students came prepared for ‘pioneering’ with their best outfits and open minds. Miss Terry (not ‘Mrs.’, mind you) did some sums with them, and a Christmas craft. They learned about what life was like in a one-room school, where everyone had to be in the same class, and where there wasn’t even a water tap. Instead, students had to go out to the well to get water, and share a family cup.
  • Mrs. Gorseth’s students spent time preparing and then sharing slide  presentations on their favourite animals. I got to attend many of them, and they were very impressive. I learned about Flying Squirrels, Armadillos, Killer Whales, Ants and more. Who knew that armadillos swim by holding their breath and walking across the bottom, or that flying squirrels have perfectly square proportions when they are gliding through the air? Students learned about more than just their animals of choice, too. They also learned how to make slideshows using google slides on the computer. They added words, backgrounds, pictures, transitions, and a big smiley-face at the end (some of them, at least). And to top it off, they practised speaking in front of a group of their peers, a stressful job for some!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • There were festive decorations all over the place this week, with classes making gingerbread houses, reindeer, ornaments and more. An intrepid group of parents came in and assembled all the gingerbread houses for Ms. Hall’s class, and an even braver group were here to help with the icing (can you say ‘sticky?’) and decorating. I can’t show much, because some are possibly surprises, but I did get permission to show these.


  • As we approach the end of my first year at West Langley, I’d like to thank everyone at the school for being so fantastic. I have been privileged to work with a great group of teachers and support staff, excited and exciting students, and supportive families. The spirit of learning and willingness to try new things are both inspiring and invigorating to work with. Keep doing what you do, and  have a great holiday! Stay safe, have fun, and try something totally new.

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