5 Things to ROAR About – December 4, 2015

04 Dec

The Countdown is on!

  •  We’ve had a couple of rooms invaded this week. Before Mrs. Gordon’s students even got in the door on Tuesday, they’d spotted a red-clad visitor in their classroom. They’ve been honoured with the presence of an Elf on the Shelf. Every day, that elf moves somewhere else, which is magical, because, as one of the students told me, “You can’t touch it, because that takes its magic away!” Another student said, “Her name is Selfie because she likes to take pictures of herself.” The students drew pictures of her as well!

Mrs. Gorseth’s class also has an eflish visitor this month. When I asked Radek about it, he told me, “He has been doing silly things and watching us lots. At night he reports to the North Pole. I’m good anyways, so it isn’t changing what I do. We just came in today and he was playing battleship with Snoopy, so we wrote about it.”

  • In Mrs. Alsop’s class I was lucky enough to stop by and learn about ten frames. They didn’t have those when I was in school. We used them to make up different arrangments of numbers that make 10. Then we made an equation out of numbers to go with it. One example was 4+6=10 and another was 4+2+2+2=10. Some students upped the ante with a 12-frame instead. What equation do you see there?
  • Classes, staff, everyone has been busy preparing for next week’s Christmas Program, inspired by Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! The music is getting better by the day, the decorations are coming together, and the set is almost ready. We want to thank the crew of parents who have volunteered to come in Monday morning to help set up the stage, and those who have volunteered to help take it back down on Friday morning. We’re getting excited!
  • As part of Social Studies, Mrs. O’Byrne’s and Mrs. Bentley’s students came around and interviewed a number of helpers in the school about their roles and responsibilities. They came into my office and recorded me on video for the interview. I felt like a big deal! Once they had all gathered their information, they made posters on PicCollage to share what they learned. It was an opportunity for students to think about the different roles that adults in a school fill, and how their backgrounds and responsibilities are all different. It was interesting to note what details the students felt were important about each of their interview subjects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Students in Ms. Hall’s class were doing some really neat printmaking on Friday, etching, rolling on ink, and then stamping their prints onto cards. There were creative challenges, when students found out that their prints would look ‘backwards’ from what they drew. They did all this with help from their teacher and with a helper from the Langley Centennial Museum.

Bonus Bits:

  • The grade 7 students have holiday raffle tickets on sale now. Check the display case outside the gym to see what’s what, and then find the closest grade 7 to buy your ticket. We want to say a special Thank You to Raffle donors & raffle ticket information.
  • The Scholastic Book Fair ended on Friday morning. There was lots of excitement about it, and lots of sales. We’re thinking there were in excess of $2000 in sales, which equates to a nice fund for the library. Thank you for doing some of your shopping at the Fair.
  • Rafikis are coming, if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer that is a symbol of a gift for a young family in the developing world.

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