5 Things to ROAR About – November 27, 2015

27 Nov

Hello, West Langley!

What a gorgeous week (well, except for Monday) in southwestern BC. We’ve enjoyed everything but the black ice Tuesday morning, and the sun has helped us all recharge with Vitamin D. It has been a busy week, once more, at the school. Here are some highlights.

  • It was Principal for the Day on Monday, and Mason did a spectacular job. He started the day by extending recess (the coldest, wettest recess of the year, unfortunately; not that the kids noticed at all), and by declaring a ‘Safe Problem Solving Zone’ for students who needed assistance solving playground problems peacefully. We had a few clients, and helped them all find a good solution to their issues. He took his friend Cayden and me out to lunch at Subway, where we made quite a stir, but no mess, and got back to school in time to launch the first-ever West Langley Blindfolded Art Contest. The competition was fierce, and judging proved to be very difficult, so he declared everyone the winner and delivered prize pencils to every student in the school.
  • We had a group of students in grade 5 who, when they learned of a classmate’s relative fighting cancer, took it upon themselves to organize and run a bake sale this week, with proceeds going towards the Canadian Cancer Foundation. They organized the event independently, obtaining permission, arranging furniture and decoration, and procuring baked goods completely without direction from the school. Their service-minded leadership is exemplary and inspiring, and it makes me feel good to know we have such awesome kids all around us. At the close of the day on Thursday, they had $300 to donate. Thanks to the organizers, the parents who supported them, and all the customers. Stay tuned for their cheque presentation to the Canadian Cancer Foundation.
  • The generosity of the West Langley Community was evident as the Kids Helping Kids Clothing Drive wrapped up Friday. As a community, we donated a BIG PILE OF CLOTHES! Way to go, West Langley!


  • Ms. Hall’s class had a special visitor on Thursday, as Carman Mackay came to visit, and taught the students about making letters in an aboriginal style. He showed them some of the letters, and they practiced, and then, just by flipping things around, or combining elements of the letters they already knew, filled in the rest of the alphabet. It was a great learning experience, both in terms of culture, and in terms of lateral and spatial thinking.
  • Normally the end of November is a bit gloomy, weather-wise. To combat that, we decided to have a Brighten Up Winter Day, by wearing all our brightest clothes. I arrived pretty proud of my orange hoodie (and how cool that the principal gets to wear a hoodie to work), but was quickly put in my place by the incomparably-lime Mrs. Bentley, Tyler in his outrageously chartreuse outfit, and more kids in hot pink and lime green than I could even count. It is a testament to the spirit of the West Langley Lions that more kids were brightly-clad than not. And we’re perfectly ok with people who wore bright black, too!


  • A sad ROAR, but a happy one, as we bid farewell to Mrs. Goody, the student teacher in Mrs. Janzen’s class. She did some really neat work with our grade 4/5 class, and we’ll miss her, but now the kids get to do more work with Mrs. Janzen, and that’s cool too.
  • And Mrs. Gorseth’s class have been doing some really cool stuff this week too, truth be told. Check out their class website and Twitter feeds!

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