5 Things to ROAR About – November 20, 2015

20 Nov


  • Mrs. O’Byrne’s & Mrs. Bentley’s class have been working on the idea of family history in Social Studies. I was lucky to be able to sit in for a few of the students’ presentations. In those, I learned about a 40-year family tradition of camping in the same place, a Highland Dancer’s connection to her Scottish roots, and a Dutch soccer fan’s connection with Holland, and a first time water skiing! Students presented so smoothly and comfortably, it made me wonder how I always manage to feel so intimidated when I speak in front of a group. They were inspiring!
  • It was PIRATE DAY in Mrs. Gorseth’s room on Thursday. Students and adults dressed the part, and used what they’ve learned about maps and mapping to hunt down lost treasure in the school. They sang sea shanties and made sure everyone knows a pirate’s favourite  letter (RRRRR). But then one of them reminded us that pirates never get to R because they’re always stuck at C! (Get it? Get it?)
  • Mrs. McLeod’s class have been investigating all sorts of different approaches to the math that we grown-ups probably all learned in one way only. This week, instead of multiplying multi-digit numbers together using whole numbers, and diagonal multiplication, they worked on a grid system that breaks any multiplication question into a nice, manageable set of sub-questions using decomposition. It empowered some to start multiplying bigger and bigger numbers together, and it helped others figure out what otherwise was pretty tough. Some stuck with the traditional method, too, but now have choices about how to approach questions.

Here’s a demonstration from one of the students:

  • We’re coming into the last week of the Kids Helping Kids clothing drive. So far, we’re making great headway, but there’s more to do. Bring your donations of clean, good used clothing to the hallway outside the office, all bagged up, and we’ll do the rest!

The pile keeps growing every time I come back…

  • It was fun Wednesday to join Mrs. Gordon’s and Mrs. Gorseth’s classes as they did ‘Noisy Reading’ together. It is a valuable experience for both sets of students to read together, and a few of them provided their insights and likes:

“We got a lot of books!”

“I liked my big buddy’s book. It was a dragon one.”

“I got to read with my brother. I read to him and he read to me.”

“I liked telling him the book and listening to him ask questions.”

“My best part is he always was quiet for when I read so he actually would understand it!”

  • One last thing: We found some really cool ice formations on Friday. (no pun intended!)

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