5 Things to ROAR About – November 6, 2015

06 Nov

So, it’s been a busy week at WLE, what with Parent Teacher Interviews, lots of goings-on in classes, and the school-wide field trip to the VSO.

  • We start this week with a gallery walk of some of the art and project work adoring our hallways. From watercolours to rubbings to pontilism, and from our favourite bands to the sights of autumn, our artwork runs the gamut. Check it out!

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  • Mrs. Goody & Mrs. Janzen brought some very interesting visitors to school this week: a brood of chicks! Students were amazed by how visibly the chicks changed over just a week. They shared the learning experience, too, taking the chicks to visit their buddies in Ms. Hall’s class, who used the opportunity as food for wondering, observing and writing! Just look at some of the surprising or wonderful observations some of our students made:

“They were fluffy and they were cute!”

“Under their wings, when they flapped, there were bumps on their skin.”

“They have lines on their feet.”

“I was surprised that they wouldn’t try to run away when you’re nice to them.”

“They grow really fast in a week.”

“They can hyperextend their necks!” (gross!)

“I learned that sometimes the youngest of the group might be deformed or different from the others.”

“They don’t peck at things as much as I expected. Unless they think it’s food!”

“You have to hold them in a certain way, or else they could get hurt or jump out of your hand.”

Hall Chicks Visit

  • Mr. Masigan’s Science 7 students have been working on a variety of ways of presenting their understanding of the concept of Natural Selection in biology. They’re investigating concepts like variation, adaptation, descent and overproduction, and have to find a way of making clear to an outside audience how these ideas connect to explain why something my Labradoodles are so different from cows, or even wolves. Some are making a video quiz game, others presentations in DrawMyLife or iMovie. The range of media is so great! I sure wish those were options instead of the essays, speeches and posters (if I was lucky) I was offered as ways to show my learning. There’s a great stop-motion example below, and others should start to appear on the class website next week. Just look under ‘Subjects’ for Science 7.

  • Mrs. Gorseth’s class are working hard on getting ready for the Remebrance Day Assembly, coming up on Tuesday, November 10 at 10:50. They have built visual poems using Wordle to reflect some of their thinking around Remembrance Day.


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And everyone is getting ready for the assembly. We’re going to have 2 special guests, and an excellent program. Parents, please feel free to join us. The assembly starts at 10:50 on Tuesday.

  • It wouldn’t be right to skip the Symphony Field Trip! It’s quite an undertaking, coordinating transportation and tickets for an entire school’s worth of students, and I want to thank Mrs. Schmidt and all the teachers for doing such an outstanding job. The students deserve congratulations, too, as West Langley were definitely the best behaved school in the theatre today. We marvelled at the intricate decorations in the theatre, the chandelier that was too big to fit in our own music room, and wondered at what turned out to be a Contrabasoon. We demonstrated remarkable restraint, too, when a pigeon appeared inside the theatre and started flying around above the orchestra. The show went on, despite some murmurs of astonishment from the (less well-behaved) schools, and stoic acceptance for WLE students.

We were treated to some well-known pieces of music today, with special attention paid in turn to each section of the orchestra. We heard Greig’s Morning Mood, Holst’s Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity, a piece called Flame by Jordan Nobles (you can see it used in a short film here), Abigail Richardson-Schulte’s music for ‘The Hockey Sweater’ (you can check out three little excerpts from a Hamilton performance here), and finished with the ever-popular ‘Imperial March’ from the Star Wars movies. Students could be heard humming selections on the bus ride home, and as they left the school at 2:30.


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