5 Things to ROAR About – October 30, 2015

30 Oct

It’s the end of October, and a full moon. What more could we ask for?

Despite (or because of?) the excitement building around Halloween and its associated events, there was some neat learning going on this week!

  • Ms. McLeod’s class were investigating the nature of different mixtures in science. They looked at homogeneous & heterogeneous mixtures and at solutions, suspensions & colloids. They then prepared presentations at home to share their understanding of the different types of mixture. Sometimes, even when we understand something well, articulating our understanding for a remote audience pushes our understanding even further, and we appreciate the difficulty of making an explanation of something that our audience will understand the way we intend.

Thanks to this student who was willing to share his understanding and presentation for the ROAR!

  • Ms. Hall’s class were excited to welcome an Aboriginal Presenter who shared with them a Dancing Dolls workshop. They learned about and made button blankets and their own dancing dolls. It helped us appreciate the culture of our aboriginal neighbours, and helped us reflect on our own cultures as well.
  • A couple of Mrs. Powar’s students are pursuing an interesting project as they try to germinate apple seeds (which I think came from our BC Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program apples). They’ve softened the seed cases, and now have seeds that have split and are starting to sprout. They’ve made seed houses, too, so the seeds will stay comfortable. Their idea was inspired by last year, when they grew seeds in cups. This time, they wondered what might come of apple seeds, and decided that ‘a house would be more comfortable than a cup.’
  • Mrs. Janzen’s class had a Google Hangout session on Wednesday with a class from James Kennedy Elementary. The JKE class taught our students about their project building a school website. “It was cool seeing how they got to make their school website!’ It still amazes me that we can, with affordable equipment, have a live video conference with a class somewhere near or far away, right from our classrooms. The only thing that stands in the way of truly long-distance connections is time zones, and even those can probably be overcome.
  • Friday was the eagerly awaited Halloween Carnival. The grade 6 & 7 students and their parents put an enormous amount of work and effort into creating a memorable experience for all students. The Haunted Houses were scary, the cake walk was sugary, and the bouncy castle was, well, bouncy. Lots of students and staff came in costume. With games like ‘Black Cat Attack,’ ‘Scary Fish Swamp’ and ‘Spooky Scary Toilets;’ a bouncy castle; face painting; a spectacular Haunted House (well, changeroom, really); and more sugary treats than any of us needed, how could EVERYONE not be having a great time. We want to thank the parents of our grade 7s, the grade 6 and 7 students, and Mr. Masigan and Mrs. Senften for organizing and running such a wonderful event. Thanks, too, to all the staff who brought their costumes, their classes, and their fun spirits to the event. Watch the slide show for a peek at our special musical guest, Nickelback!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if you haven’t made an appointment for Parent Teacher Interviews yet, go to this link and book! And have a safe and happy Hallowe’en!


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