5 Things to ROAR About – October 23, 2015

23 Oct

The action is building again…. There has been a bunch of great learning going on, and lots of it has been experiential – something I think is critical for building cross-curricular connections, and for increasing student engagement. Here’s a sampling.

  • On Monday, I was called urgently to Mrs. McLeod’s class, where I (along with everyone else) was treated to a new method for subtracting multi-digit numbers that made it sooo fast, even when there’s borrowing (remember that?) to be done. One of our students, Andrew, stumbled on it on his own, mastered it, and then shared it with all of us. I spent a chunk of my time working to figure out exactly how it works, because it does, and I n needed to know why. I think I have it, now, but my own explanation isn’t quite ready for public sharing….

I will be sending this link to my math teacher friends to see what they think….

  • On Wednesday, Mrs. Janzen and Mrs. Goody took Division 5 to the Gulf of Georgia National Historic Site (which you may know as the Steveston Cannery). They learned about the region’s history there, and about how some of the simple machines they investigated in class have been applied in the ‘real world.’

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  • Wednesday was also WE Day, and Mr. Masigan and Mr. Oliver had the pleasure of taking 16 of our students to join 18000 other student leaders from BC at Rogers Arena. We heard from Marc and Craig Kielburger, Silken Laumann, Henry Winkler, Becca Tobin (from Glee), Barenaked Ladies (who I will grant appealed more to the adults in the crowd than to the kids, I think, though, to be fair, several of our kids shared with me that you, their parents, loved those guys, and so did they), and Chris Hadfield. We heard inspiring stories about student and celebrity service projects, and enjoyed musical numbers from Hedley, JRDN, and Francesco Yates. We heard some pretty amazing and inspiring things that align well with what we’re doing here at WLE:
    • “We must share our challenges. Sharing a challenge can help someone as they overcome their own obstacles.” Chris Hadfield

    • “courage plus dreams equal success!” Have the courage to pursue your dreams. – Marlee Matlin

    • ‘you are  worth it!’ ‘You are perfect just as you are.’ ‘Imagine a different world!’ – Silken Laumann

    • “I thank you for the gift of what you will become. I thank you for the gift of what you will do with your life!” – Henry Winkler

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We also heard about Cineplex Community Day, which is this Saturday morning at theatres including our own (formerly known as) Colossus. Movies are free (though early) and the concessions are sold in support of Free the Children. Movies start early!

  • Mrs. McLeod’s class had special visitors on Thursday. Visitors from the police department talked with students about personal security, particularly online. One particular bit of advice that stood out: “If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right.” Students were also reminded that they lose control of what they put online, and so should be careful about what they post. An added bonus visitor was a police dog and his trainer. Students learned about their jobs, and about their after-work lives. The dog was very focused, and spent almost the whole time chewing on the most-worked-over dog toy ever.
  • On Friday, also, Mrs. Gordon’s Kindergarten class went to the Aldor Acres Pumpkin Patch. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many field trip kids in one place (except for WE Day, that is). The kids wondered where the scarecrows were; took a hayride; saw goats, 3-day-old baby pigs, cows and lots of fowl; and each one picked a pumpkin that was just perfect. They had to look for one they could carry on their own, that didn’t have any soft spots, and that was just the right shape. They also learned that Cinderella Pumpkins, which look more reddish, are better for making pies than the bright orange ones we usually use for Jack-O-Lanterns. Watch this blog space for pics of the cared pumpkins next week.

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