5 Things to ROAR About – October 16, 2015

16 Oct

Holy moly! It’s the middle of October.

It was another busy week at West Langley, even though it was a short one. We want to start by welcoming Ms. Holden to our staff, as an Education Assistant, replacing Ms. Lockhart who has gone on maternity leave (no baby news yet, though).

We will report that Ms. Nichols has had her baby now, though, and Mrs. Staples is going to do the same any day now.

  • We have completed the counting of donations for Cops for Cancer and the Terry Fox Run. I’m proud to say that we raised $542.25 to support Cancer Research. We have split the donations and sent them to those two worthy causes. Thank you to all the students and families who made donations; every coin adds up and counts in the fight against cancer.

The Entertainment Book fundraiser with the PAC has also concluded, with 241 books sold. Congratulations to Divisions 4 and 10, our second- and top-selling classes, and to Tanner in Division10, our top seller. Also, congratulations to Mason in Division 9, who will be principal for a day in November.

  • You’ve heard of class hamsters and goldfish. Maybe you’ve even had one come home for the weekend. Division 9 have a most unconventional class pet right now, and it is one that they are learning so much from. They have adopted a Grass Spider (best guess, anyways). Their spider has gone home with a few students (just like the hamsters used to do) and has come back healthy each time. The class are now pursuing a detailed investigation of this and other spiders. One student brought in a crab spider on Thursday. Now, I’m not a huge fan of spiders, but I’m delighted with the amount of learning and thinking the students are doing, and I am amazed at the level of care they are lavishing on something that frankly gives me the creeps, just a little.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • At 9:15 on Thursday morning, we participated in the Great BC Shakeout! We simulated an earthquake, ducked and covered, made sure the shaking had stopped and we were safe and everyone was OK, then evacuated the building. Students and staff did an outstanding job of emptying the building in a quiet and orderly fashion. Some students found themselves sheltering in the music room, which is different from what they were expecting, and another was in the gym. Even in those situations, everyone did an admirable job of staying calm, and protecting themselves.
Evacuation & Marshalling after the Great Shake Out

Evacuation & Marshalling after the Great Shake Out

The drill was also good practice for the adults in the school system, as we practiced and tested our own communication systems which would be critical in a real emergency. We are happy that everything worked to plan.

  • The students in Division 7 are learning to blog. They set up their KidBlog accounts, made visuals of some of their math learning, and learned how to get those uploaded to the blogs. The critical moment? Tapping the big blue PUBLISH button. Parents will receive information from the class on how to access their kids’ work.
  • Divisions 7 and 8 went to Science World on Friday. They learned about their senses, and experimented with all the fantastic things Science World has to offer. Here are a few snapshots, and you can find more on Ms. Hall’s class Twitter Feed.

One response to “5 Things to ROAR About – October 16, 2015

  1. Doreen Mills

    October 19, 2015 at 8:35 AM

    Love to see the pictures and what my grand kids are doing in school. This is a great sight thank you .


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