5 Things to ROAR About – October 2, 2015

02 Oct

Great Scott! (Who is Scott, for Pete’s sake? And who is Pete?) It’s already October, and we’ve just had a week that was so busy it felt like three!

  • HUB Cycling was with us again on Monday, completing the Learn to Ride program with Divisions 3-6. Students rode around a set of mini-courses practising their ABCs of cycling safety: being Alert and Aware, Being on our Best Behaviour and Communication. They rode simulated road and path sections, watched for cars, signalled turns, and communicated clearly with the pedestrians around them. It was amazing to watch so many kids riding around with essentially no collisions! I had the added bonus of getting to teach four students who had never ridden before to ride bikes! I want to offer them extra-special congratulations.

We want to make a special thanks to HUB Cycling and the Township of Langley for the presentation, and our parent and student volunteers who provided instruction, feedback, and filled in for cars (it’s much safer that way!)

  • In keeping with the Bike theme, Cops for Cancer’s Tour de Valley campaign made an exciting, and very noisy stop at the school Tuesday afternoon. In addition to the inspiring message and example they brought to us, they also shared three important numbers with our students for preventing cancer: 0, 5, 30. Ask your kids if they remember (and here’s the answer key: 0 cigarettes, 5 servings of fruit & vegetables, 30 minutes of daily exercise).
  • Wednesday was again busy, and again has us thanking our parent volunteers, who helped us with lap counting and some marshalling for the Terry Fox Run. We were attempting to run a collective 1000km, and while we came up a bit short, hitting about 785 km as a school, I am so proud of the hard work and fantastic participation from our students and staff.

  • On Thursday, Dream Rider Productions came to the school and shared an important message about reducing the waste we produce. In addition to a new song they taught us (remember “Whoa, whoa, h2OH” from last year? This one may not be quite so catchy, but it was still great.), they showed us Litterless Lunches (I think that’s a great idea!), and reminded us that ‘We’re using up the planet buying too much stuff. Use it for a minute, it’s garbage forever!” Ask you kids what comes after the ‘pleasure flash’ of buying a new (and usually unnecessary) thing. Their production was, again, excellent, with great sets and lots of fun. Our students asked some very good questions about the nature of the production – ‘Who builds the sets?’ ‘How do you change your costumes so fast?’ come to mind!
  • We have a final good news ROAR for you.

James, Laura and Luke Senften (Mrs. Senften’s son, daughter-in-law, and grandson) visited Langley a while back, and came to the school for a visit, as James attended West Langley from grades 1-7. They were reminded during their visit of the support so many families and staff of West Langley gave them, and Luke particularly, over the past year, after he was diagnosed with eye cancer (retinoblastoma) in his right eye. They wish to again thank those people for their positive thoughts, prayers, and donations. They continue to travel from Phoenix, Arizona to New York City for Luke’s cancer treatments. So far, he has responded very well to treatment, and they whole family are hopeful that his eye will be saved, he will retain some vision there, and he will be cancer free! Thank you, all of West Langley for keeping Luke and the whole family in your thoughts!



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