5 Things to ROAR About – September 25, 2015

25 Sep

Wow! It has been one busy week at West Langley, and there are so many things I could ROAR about, I’m having a really hard time choosing what to publish. A couple of things I can keep ‘in the bank’ for later, though, so I won’t even tell you what they were. I got to walk around the school and talk to kids about what they were learning, what they were wondering and what they were loving at school so far this year.

  • Monday was our Kindergarten class’ first full day, EVER! It wasn’t easy coming inside at first, at least not for all of us, but by recess, there were K01smiles everywhere. It was actually a week of many firsts for our Kindergarteners, too, as they had their first ever school pictures taken on Thursday also. When we asked the students what they were loving about Kindergarten so far, here are some of the things we heard:
    • “I like having fun.”
    • “We are learning stuff. Like lines are dots that went for a walk.”
    • “We made people today! See the purple one? That’s mine!”
    • “My Mom got to come in and I like it so muchIMG_3259!”

  • On Wednesday night, families from West Langley and teachers enjoyed a fantastic Olive Garden dinner together, and shared stories and conversation on our annual Meet the Teacher Night. The parents of grade 7 students (and the grade 7s themselves) provided us with excellent service and big smiles throughout the evening. It was so fun I forgot to take even one picture, though.
  • In music, students started the year making their own instruments. We saw lots of percussion, and a few wind instruments. There may even have been some strings I missed. Some of the grade 7s were brave enough to be recorded sharing their creations and singing songs! There was some extra learning, too, as students explored in their performances the difference between the rhythm and the beat of a piece of music.

  • Speaking of the grade 7s, they have, as a group, made a commitment to be positive leaders and role models all year. Around the school, we can see posters of their promises. It is wonderful for our school to have such a positive, community-minded group of grade 7s. And the grade 3 class got in on the ‘positive contributor’ action, too, making their own pledges and start-of-year plans!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Thursday saw a few special visitors in Division 6. Barney, the Barn Owl, Wallie the Barred Owl, and their handler and caregiver, Gail DeCoffe from the Langley Owl Rehabilitation Center. Even more special was the fact that the Kindergarten class got to join in the learning. (I guess for lots of them seeing their first ever live owl is added to the week’s list, too!)

Barney the Barn Owl had something to say…

We learned lots about owls, and after the visit (and lunch), students in Division 6 dissected owl pellets, finding the leftover bits of the owls’ last few meals. See if you can spot mole claws, bird skulls, or leg bones in the photos!

It was all pretty exciting, and at the end, the Owls knew where they wanted to go.

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