5 Things to ROAR About – September 18, 2015

18 Sep

Wow! What a great week at West Langley! Here is some ROAR for you!

  • We ROAR out a huge welcome to Mr. Masigan, our new Division 1 Teacher. He will be teaching grades 6 & 7, and a bit of technology. He comes most recently from Alice Brown Elementary, and we are both excited and very lucky to have him as a part of the West Langley Lions’ Pride. It looked like the students were all having fun as they explored a teamwork challenge in gym Friday.
  • Some Division 5 students were learning by doing, and built a domino tumble. It didn’t necessarily go the way they thought it might, but they still learned something. In working on something that simple, with no ‘agenda’ set by adults, they explored the physics of collisions, friction & momentum; geometry; and design. And they had a good time doing it, too.



  • It was Whitecaps Wednesday this week, but we didn’t broadcast it loudly enough, so there were only a few of us who remembered! The ‘Caps won, though, and the few, proud fans at WLE looked fantastic!


  • On Thursday, we had a kickoff assembly for the Entertainment Book fundraiser fun by the PAC. We were visited by a Minion who helped us get excited about the program. We learned that if we can sell 275 as a school, there will be a special movie party and Minion dressup day (where even Mr. Oliver will dress as a minion).

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  • Lots of great learning went on in Mrs. McLeod’s class too, this week, as the students explored the geographical regions of Canada. The geography theme continued in Mr. Masigan’s class, where students were challenged to explain why we need maps anyway!


  • As a bonus: Friday marked the last day of the Kindergarten students’ gradual entry to school. They have learned much about how schools work, and are ready for their first full day on Monday. We are excited to be able to welcome them on Monday for their first full day of school, ever!
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