5 Things to ROAR About – September 11, 2015

11 Sep
  • Welcome Back Edition!It was such a pleasure, Tuesday, to see our students come rushing back to school, excited to see their teachers and friends, and eager to learn. It was equally a pleasure to see the teachers with the same excitement in their eyes. It’s a new year, with new challenges, and the same old West Langley community spirit: a great combination, I think. With that said, I want to ROAR out to everyone, “Welcome back to school!”


  • We continue with our welcoming ROARS to our new staff members: Ms. Coulson in Resource, Ms. Yeung teaching some PE and some Resource/LA, Mrs. Powar teaching grade 3-4. We also welcome to our staff Ms. Andrews, Ms. Richardson and Ms. Lockhart, all fantastic new SEAs for our school. Finally, we have some new support staff: Mr. Joly (Counsellor), Ms. VanHatten (Aboriginal Support Worker), and Mrs. Lawlor (Child Care Worker). We won’t send their pictures out now, as we don’t have their formal permission, but when you see those new faces, be sure to say ‘Hi!’ While you’re at it, say Hi to a new family or two. We are glad to welcome a dozen new families in grades 1-7, and about 10 new families in Kindergarten to the West Langley Lions Pride. It’s great to have you all here.
  • We are ROARing with delight at our new parking lot, driveway and basketball courts outside. We may be missing speed bumps, and there was a bit of a lake on Day 1, but both of those challenges are being fixed, and now none of us have to deal with bone-shaking potholes on our way to school.IMG_3194The Grade 7s are already hard at it, doing leadership skill-building activities as they prepare to be the shining examples of ROAR! They did communication exercises (try drawing something based only on another person’s verbal descriptions), they did cooperative problem-solving activities, building card houses, they levitated hula hoops (well, they used string), and they talked about what it means to be the role models for the younger kids in the school. Watch for their promise posters that will go up around the school, and listen for their pledge at the opening assembly (right before recess on Monday). CAM01771[1]
  • The final ROAR this week is for our summery start (well, except for that one week). It was great seeing kids out playing manhunt (which I understand), WallBall (which I don’t) and all sorts of other great games as they reunited with old friends and made new ones on the playground. IMG_3190IMG_3192

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