5 Things to ROAR About – June 26, 2015

26 Jun

Well, West Langley, here we are: the end of the school year. We’ve had a great time this year at WLE, and while we’re excited for summer, we’re also excited to think about coming back in a couple of short months. We have some more ROARing to do before we sign off until September, though.

  • On Monday, our intermediate students went to the Cultus Lake waterslides. While I’d like to tell you they learned a whole bunch about friction and momentum, it is entirely possible that they just had a great time. Thanks to the teachers who organized, and to the countless parents who volunteered their time and drove. Traffic was not ideal, I know.
  • On Tuesday, the primary students had a fantastic time at White Rock beach. I know there was some learning going on. We learned about erosion and rising tides; sea worms (pretty scary-looking), jellyfish and shore crabs; and discovered the awesome-looking sport of kiteboarding (though we’re all a bit young and timid to actually try it). We had a fantastic time with family and friends, and Mr. Oliver got to play with his camera, get a tiny sunburn, and keep his shoes dry!

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  • Tuesday night was the Grade 7 farewell ceremony. Parents spent HOURS decorating the gym, and turned it into a spectacular venue for a ceremony and its attendant party. Thanks to the parents for their hard work, both setting up and taking down, to Mrs. Senften and Mrs. Staples who helped to organize the whole thing, and to the other teachers who attended. Thanks, too, to all the grade 7 students (I suppose I should call them grade 8 students now) for their service and leadership throughout the year. They have kept the office ticking, brought injured students icepacks and band-aids, set up for every event in the gym, and supervised Kindergarten kids at lunches the whole year long.
  • We had a nice year-end assembly on Thursday, where we had the opportunity to recognize some wonderful people who we are sad to have leaving us. We’re ROARing a tearful goodbye (or see you later) to the following staff members: Mr. Greenshields, Ms. Hanlon, Mrs. Wallis, Ms. Homan, Ms. Levesque, Mrs. Wagenaar, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Staples, Mrs. Williams, and Ms. Olson. We’ll miss them all, and want to thank them for their fantastic contributions to the learning and living experience at West Langley Elementary.We also got to celebrate a positive outcome Thursday, as we made a final announcement that the WE Day group (with the help of the whole WLE community) raised enough money to put 54 goats in impoverished villages in Haiti. Alex, from the Vancouver office of Free the Children came to receive the cheque, and to lead us in an activity that helped us all to realize the significance of a large number of small actions. We are looking forward to helping the world in our own ways again next year
  • And finally we want to ROAR about camping, hiking and fishing. About bike rides, trips to the museum and picnics! About swimming lessons, camp and reading books! About writing stories, doing paintings and playing our guitars! School is over for the year! We’ll see you on September 8, 2015 for another wonderful year! Save your best summer activity photos for me to use in the first 5 Things next fall.

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