5 Things to ROAR About – June 19, 2015

19 Jun

Here we are, with the penultimate episode of ‘5 Things….’ It has been an exciting year of learning and new experiences here at West Langley, for staff and students alike.

  • On Tuesday, we welcomed our incoming Kindergarten students to the school for the first ‘official’ event of their school careers. They met the current Kindys, saw the school, and got a gift package of things that might help them get ready for that big day in September! There was lots of great learning by us about the students who will be joining us in a couple of short months. If any of them are reading this, we want to ROAR an early welcome to them.
  • There’s a food theme going on in Divisions 7 and 2 these days. After visiting both the Organic Farm and the Walnut Grove Community Garden, the grade 2/3 class had a ‘locavore lunch’ on Tuesday. They made sandwiches from local bread and vegetables, with local cheese and mayo. Even the chips were local, coming from Maple Ridge. And pickles from Langley. Amazing and delicious. As one of the students put it, ‘Everything we’re eating is from right here!’ and they all agreed (well, mostly) that the food was fantastic. Thanks to local merchants and food producers, and to our guests who came to help prepare the feast. Then on Thursday, Mrs. Staples’ class had an international luncheon where they got to sample food from the various cultures they compared with Canada’s. Finally, the feast continued in Division 7 with a lunch on Friday that had the teachers and students make their own mini pizzas and smoothies for lunch I didn’t try those, but they looked delicious!
  • There’s an amphibian invasion in Division 6. Tadpoles are becoming frogs, right before our eyes. HEre are some of the things we learned:

“We learned that our frogs are Pacific Tree Frogs”

“We learned that toads have poison in their warts, and that some frogs have poison on their skin”

“We learned that toads lay their eggs in chains, and that frogs lay their eggs in Frogspawn that makes a big clump.”

“We learned that tadpoles can eat boiled lettuce, and that the frogs eat ants.”

  •  Thursday saw the annual Fort to Fort excursion & picnic with Grades 1 and 4/5. Thanks to the parents who set up volleyball and the BBQs, donated food, and helped drive and supervise. The students (even the smallish ones) walked for 40 minutes from Allard Crescent to the Derby Reach picnic area. Mrs. Williams has been doing this trip for as long as she has been here, and this is her last trip before she retires. Congratulations to Mrs. Williams!
  • Division 8 had an extra-special guest on Thursday, when Ms. Hall’s dad (Mr. Hall, can you believe the coincidnece?) brought a milkshake machine to class and made special, custom milkshakes for each student. We graphed the number of each flavour he would have to make, and we loved the milkshakes. Thanks to Mr. Hall for coming in to share with us!

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  • And here’s an extra: a caricature artist worked with Mrs. Janzen, Mrs. Wiliams, Ms. Hall and Mrs. Gorseth’s classes. Some of the students drew themselves, some drew each other, and some got drawn by the pro!

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