Five Things to ROAR About – May 22, 2015

22 May

What a fantastic week of weather. We’re thinking sunscreen might be a good idea….. 🙂

  • After enjoying a lovely long weekend, we came back to a wonderful presentation by DreamRider Theatre called H2Whoa! It talked to us about the importance of conserving water, to protect what is really (though it’s hard to believe it here in the Vancouver area) a scarce resource. Only 1% of the world’s water is drinkable, and we use a bunch of it to pressure-wash our driveways or take loooong showers. The acting was very good, the message was important, and it clearly made an impression, because I heard one of our grade 2 students singing the song they taught us the next day!
  • Thursday and Friday, a number of our WLE classes went to the Surrey Children’s Festival, where they enjoyed art booths, face painting, and the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre!

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  • We have some really exciting news at West Langley Elementary! Two of our teachers are expecting new adiitions to their own families. Congratulations to Mrs. Staples and to Mrs. Nichols! We’re all very excited for you (just ask your kids!) Apparently, the morning greeting has changed from ‘Hi Mrs.Nichols’ to ‘Hi Baby!’
  • There’s a ton of art on the walls right now, so if you don’t get the chance to come in and enjoy it, here’s a sampling:
  • Friday, we had Freezies! The WE Day Group are selling Freezies on Fridays to help raise money to buy a few more goats for Haiti before the year ends. And on a hot Friday, who doesn’t love a Freezie?

Stay tuned for more. Next week we have the Parent Appreciation Tea, Inquiry Fair and regional Track Meet all in two days!


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