5 Things to ROAR About – April 24, 2015

24 Apr

Well, today has been the toughest one yet for deciding whether to go outside at recess. With the weather changing minute-to-minute, we could have run in and out 5 times. It has been another week of powerful learning, insightful questioning, and interesting new experiences at WLE.

  • Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Schmidt were both recognized this week for reaching 20 years of outstanding service to the students and families of the Langley School District. We offer our congratulations and our thanks to both of them!
  • We’re excited that Ms. Younger is running an after-school dance club where students are learning about various forms of dance.
  • Nearly half the school went to Alice in Wonderland, presented by the drama ensemble students of the Langley Fine Arts School. It was reportedly very fun, and a bit surprising when the whole theatre went dark for a moment, and when the Cheshire Cat’s head ‘floated’ through the curtain.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.06.48 PM

  • On Earth Day, Mrs. Alsop’s kindergarten class did some amazing math examining how many cars come off the road when they group the passengers onto a bus. They didn’t know it but they were doing subtraction and division at the same time, and were thinking about reducing our footprint on the planet, too.
  • Mr. Oliver’s students in math did phenomenal work on explaining the various parts of 3-D solids, and they did it on Explain Everything. For the students, it was no big deal, but Mr. Oliver was very excited to learn how to use this app that is new to him. The students’ work was very excellent, too. Some of it has been shared on their youtube channel.

  • Ms. Younger & Ms. Janzen took a group of students to an environmental Science Fair at Walnut Grove Secondary. Then the class from Walnut Grove came down to visit Friday and saw our projects. I learned from them about geothermal energy, the dangers of over-reliance on fossil fuels, an interesting art project in a subway, and even about energy derived form falling rain. The students demonstrated their learning with multi-media presentations, and presented them to our visitors from Walnut Grove and to some visiting teachers from R.C. Garnett Elementary, too.

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