5 Things to ROAR About – March 13, 2015

13 Mar

It was a busy week at West Langley Elementary, with classes off on all sorts of adventures! Some were close to home; some were further away, but they were all Excellent!

  • Three weeks ago, we participated in our Jump Rope for Heart rundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Students jumped rope all day, and I ROARed about that earlier. Now we have the results, though, and they’re worth a ROAR of their own!
    • Our top three classes were Mrs. O’Byrne & Mrs. Bentley ($505); Mrs. Alsop ($540) and Mrs. McLeod ($1204.05). Congratulations and thank you to all three, and to the rest of the classes who raised money for this worthy cause.
    • Our top three individual students were Daniel, Andrew and Muniel, who raised $275, $320, and $685 respectively.
    • As a whole community, we did another astonishing job: we raised a total of $4630.05. Prizes for meeting fundraising landmarks will be sorted out after the break.
  • Division 3 has been up to some fantastic things lately. This is sort of cheating, because I’m going to tell you about two things at once. The students in the class put incredible effort and got incredible learning out of their presentations in Science. One went so far as to become an investigative journalist of sorts. Another prepared a Presentation2 about her chosen Extreme Environment and then made a voiceover for it. We could only get the slides to work this time, though. Next, Division 3 joined an Amazing Race to learn about the countries in northern Europe. They ‘travelled’ through Denmark, Sweden, and beyond. Along the way, they faced challenges in the arts, engineering, logic and language. Some even found themselves having to learn some ABBA songs!

  • On Wednesday, Mrs. Alsop’s Kindergarten Class went on their long-awaited award trip to Extreme Air Park in Langley. Students, parents, and teachers had a great time bouncing around.


  • On Thursday, the Band students, and Divisions 3, 4 and 5 put on musical performances in the gym. We heard the band and music classes bring their A Game to the gym, with bucket drums, BoomWackers (playing everyone’s first piano song, Heart and Soul), and performances of a March, an old-time Rag, and others.

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  • You know Mr. Oliver is part pirate, so he was thrilled to learn that today was Pirate Day in Mrs. Gorseth’s grade 3 class. The students and teachers alike came in their pirate kit, and learned about making and navigating by treasure map. Map reading is an important skill, even in the age of GPS, because no pirate ever used GPS to find where she buried the treasure.
  • And finally, even though we love our school, and we love learning, it’s SPRING BREAK and the weather has been very spring-like! We at WLE hope you all have at least one great learning adventure over the break, and that you come back happy, rested, and completely intact! Stay safe, and be adventurous at the same time.



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