5 Things to ROAR About – March 6, 2015

06 Mar


  • On Monday, Red Sky Theatre visited with their production Mistatim. It showed us about the power of trying to understand what those around us are feeling and saying. The power simple understanding has to help us connect with other people was a wonderful message.


  • All of the primary divisions have been reading the Langley Picture Book of the Year contenders in class, and have been responding to what they read. Division 5 made an iMovie Trailer of their group response to the book If Kids Ruled the World.

  • It was 100s Day this week, too. Mrs. Hall must have been absent, because there was someone MUCH older in her place. Come to think of it, a bunch of her students were also replaced by much older folk. Students in the primary grades did a range of activities trying to represent the number 100. One class each had groups of 10, items, and ended up way OVER 100. Fancy that!


  • Division 3 used a web application called Gizmos to get a better grasp on the concept of fractions. They could use their Gizmos to compare numerators and denominators, and to compare the relative sizes of a number of fractions.


  • Friday was crazy sock day, and crazy they were. Mr. Oliver did his best, with his flame socks, but was outdone by a wild combination of colours, bells, toes, and patterns. Several students were kind enough to share their secret sock source, so the adults will be better-equipped next time.


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