5 Things to ROAR About – February 13, 2015

13 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Isn’t it amazing how much one can fit into a 4-day week?

  • For over 20 years, WLE has participated in the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. On Tuesday, we kicked off this year’s event with an assembly where we got excited, learned about how to recognize a stroke, and about ways to adjust our lifestyles to protect our hearts. Since then, students (and staff) have been jumping rope at recess and lunch, jumping rope in gym (if they’re not on the Trestle Tree), and hopefully remembering to fundraise. Don’t forget, our school goal is to match last year’s total – nearly $4500. There are prizes for successful fundraisers, so keep it up!

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  • Wednesday and Thursday, we were thrilled at how many students and parents came out for Interviews and Student-Led Conferences. The Kindergarten rooms, in particular, were packed all afternoon and evening. Students were SO proud to show off their learning and to share in the routines of their days. Parents learned friendship songs and alphabet songs, heard stories read by their kids, and practiced their calendars and counting.
  • It was ‘food for thought’ in Mrs. McLeod’s class this week. Students used Froot Loops to think about fractions, and managed to do it without eating their homework. They class also spent some time on Friday drawing potatoes. You might think that all potatoes are the same, but they turned out not to be so identical after all. Stay tuned for what comes next.

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  • The Trestle Tree is here. It is a time-honoured tradition at WLE that the Trestle Tree comes and students learn about movement. We’re practicing balancing, climbing, jumping and (more importantly) landing. Tucks and rolls are also on the menu.
  • On the day before Valentine’s the grade 6/7 classes celebrate friendship with a friendship luncheon. Students all brought food to share in small groups. This principal was jealous of all the excellent meals they enjoyed, and loved the sense of community the event brought to the group! Way to go, everyone.

And it would be rude of me not to add a special Thank You to the grade 7 (and sometimes younger) students and their teachers, as it is those volunteers who do the grunt work of setting up and taking down the Trestle Tree every day. We’re getting stronger as a group, and allowing the younger students a huge amount of both fun and learning. Thank you!


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