5 Things to ROAR About – January 30

30 Jan

Can you believe we’re already through January? Time flies when you’re having fun, and I’m definitely having a lot of fun at West Langley Elementary.

Here are some of the things we’re roaring about this week:

  1. It’s the Langley Picture Book of the Year ‘competition’ right now, and students in all the primary grades are reading (or hearing) 10 different librarian-selected picture books, and then responding to those books. At the end, the kids across the district will vote on their favourite. At West Langley, Ms. Swerdan and Mr. Oliver have each chosen a book to champion, and are taking it from class to class. Mrs. Swerdan read That is NOT a Good Idea to some classes this week, and Mr. Oliver got to share Sam & Dave Dig a Hole with the Kindergarten students. Over the next few weeks, your primary kids will be seeing lots of new books. Ask about them, please!
  2. 2. Our two fantastic grade 6/7 basketball teams played their first games this week, with both facing squads from Dorothy Peacock Elementary. The girls, coached by Ms. Staples, played a great game, demonstrating lots of the things they’ve been working on in practice.IMG_1896

    The boys played a very high-scoring game, which see-sawed back and forth several times, before coming out on top. Well done, to both teams!BBallBoys

 3. Dr. Recycle visited Divisions 8&9, and showed us how to make a bunch of our own toys using only recycled items from home. Students went home with all manner of toys they made for themselves! Most amazing is the fact that these creations don’t even use string, tape or glue to stay together. They are 100% recycled! Our planet loves that.

4. Division 5 wrote their first Math Blogs, where they worked to explain their thinking in mathematics. Division is something I remember being tough, and I wish I could havelearned it like this!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.18.14 PM

5. It was pyjama day on Friday, and people had on some pretty awesome PJs. Thanks to our excellent PAC, we had delicious popcorn, too!






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