5 Things To ROAR About: December 5th

05 Dec

While the snow melted away this past week, the learning at West Langley has been “hotter” than ever. It was an exciting week, culminating in our Buy Out Afternoon on Friday to raise money for Free The Children “Buy a Goat” campaign. Please be sure to read through the 5 Things To ROAR About for this past week and share it with your family and friends.

IMG_08891. Principal For The Day/Buy Out Afternoon: After winning the draw from our Entertainment Book campaign, Oliver got to be Principal for the Day at West Langley with Parker as his VP. And what a day they planned. No homework could be assigned, recess was extended, a massive game of Manhunt took place in the forest and every student brought in a twoonie to buy their way out of class for the afternoon. They were able to watch a movie, play boards games, have an IMG_0881extended gym class or even bring their own device, all while raising money to purchase goats through Free The Children. In fact, we raised about $500. And on Monday, Oliver and Parker get to go for lunch with Mr. Davids to Cactus Club as their final act as Principal.

2. Elves Visit Kindergarten Room: The students in Mrs. Alsop’s room did an excellent art and oral language IMG_0890project in the spirit of Christmas. They used photos of themselves to create wonderful artistic elves. The pictures featured different facial expressions all emoting a particular feeling. They then used the elf puppets to have conversations with other elf puppets in the class, getting a very authentic way to practice and model their oral language. The students had a blast with their elves!

3. Division Four Builds Fur Forts: This past week, Mrs. Janzen’s student teacher, Ms Younger continued working with students on a project related to history right here in Langley. The students have been learning about the fur B4CunTXCAAAebbDtrade and are bringing in their artistic side but using cardboard and other common supplies to build their own fur forts. As you can imagine, the students are having a great time re-creating this historical buildings, while sharing their knowledge of this important time.

4. A Pioneer Village Emerges In Grade Three: The students in Mrs Gorseth’s grade three class have been doing an extended integratedIMG_0922 IMG_0923unit on pioneer life, as part of the curriculum. This past week, they brought in amazing models of homes that would have existed during those times. These projects were amazing. The details and craftsmanship demonstrated a wonderful understanding of what it meant to live during those times. The display in the classroom was amazing.

5. West Langley Shows Enormous Generosity: We have always said that our community is special. And the amazing support of our recent fundraising campaigns is just further proof of how amazing our parents and students are. For example, our WE CREATE, WE EMPOWER students have earned $1100 in their efforts to purchase goats for families overseas totally 21 animals to help support less fortunate people. The team of students selling Raifiki bracelets to support African Mamas raised $600 by selling 120 bracelets and our toasty Toes team has $275 as well as hundreds of items (toothpaste, candies, soap, etc) for Surrey Union IMG_0925Mission, Lookout In Surrey and Living Room in Downtown Eastside. Also, the two families we are sponsoring through the Langley Christmas Bureau is being spoiled so far and we know that more will come in during our Christmas Concert next week. Thank you so much to all our parents who are not only helping others, but teaching our students the value of generosity and giving.


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