5 Things To ROAR About: November 21st

21 Nov

What a great week at West Langley. It is just a real pleasure to walk around the school and see all the amazing learning that goes on. There is a wonderful culture of success here and that is demonstrated on a regular basis. It is hard to have only five things each week for this blog as there is so much awesomeness going on. So here is our 5 Things To ROAR About for November 21st. Please share with your family and friends.

1. The Magic Of Friendship: On Tuesday, former teacher and principal, Steve Harmer came to West Langley to wow the students with his amazing magic talents with the theme of friendship running through the entire show. Students learned about how to make and keep friends using the acronym of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. while Mr Harmer pulled live rabbits out of a magic hat, made doves appear and even made things disappear. It was an entertaining and valuable learning hour for everyone. Thanks to our PAC for helping to bring such a great presentation to our school.

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2. Grade Six And Seven Attend VSO: The students in Mrs Staples, Mrs Senften and Ms McLeod’s classes had the privilege of attending IMG_0768a performance of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra this past week at the Orpheum. They joined other Langley Schools for this amazing cultural experience, enjoying great music in a great venue. It is such an awesome connection to their own music experience as the instruments our students play were represented during the performance. Thanks to Mrs. Schmidt for organizing this awesome learning activity for our students.

IMG_07553. Strong Teeth Means A Strong Start: Ms McDonald, our Strong Start coordinator, has done an excellent job during the first few months of school with our Strong Start program. Many families attend regularly, getting the opportunity to truly learn with their child through the power of play. This past week, the dental hygienist from Fraser Health was at West Langley to conduct checks on the students. At the same time, they helped parents and kids learn about how to maintain healthy teeth for the rest of their lives. Thank you to Ms McDonald for organizing this for our Strong Start parents.

4. West Langley Kinder Art Museum (from Ms Alsop’s Class Blog): The kinders are becoming amaZZZZing artists!  From drawing our ‘Self-Portraits’ to ‘Still-Life’ gourds, we are learning to develop fine motor skills and a steady hand at something meaningful we can share with others.  The children are beginning to see more ‘detail smeetails’ by drawing carefully, 9924391tracing over their work and adding colours. On Friday mornings after drawing we pretend to go to our in class ‘West Langley Art Museum!’  We arrange all our art out and line up for our tickets to come to the art museum.  We play classical music as we walk and talk quietly observing one another’s work.  Afterwards, I encourage the kinders to ‘pair up’ and look closely and intentionally at their own and their partner’s work. I want the kinders to ask and show one another:  What was the trickiest or most challenging part of your work?  What are you most proud of?  What would you like to get better at?  Through observing and listening to one another, I hope to encourage the kinders to become more 5004195reflective about themselves and others.  I also want them to understand that learning from others is important and that sharing their ideas is too.  Check out more photos on their website.

5. The Power Of Empathy: This past week, Ms McLeod sent home a wonderful email to the parents in Division three sharing an amazing story of empathy during a gym class. This needed to be shared with the entire West Langley community:

Dear parents

I just had the most amazing experience with your children today and just had to share it! 

When we went to PE today, two of our students who have never participated in handball before decide to have the courage to play. The rest of the students embraced the challenge these two students were taking on and without any prompting from me showed genuine compassion and encouragement, and respectful enthusiasm for these two classmates. It brought me to tears to see how inclusive and supportive your children were, and how their caring nature allowed these two students to take on a monumental challenge! 

Thank you for having such wonderful children who have made an enormous difference in the lives of others! I feel privileged to teach your children! 

Fran McLeod


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