5 Things To ROAR About: November 14th

14 Nov

Even in a three day school week, there was so much going on at West Langley. We started the week with an amazing Remembrance Day assembly and the impactful learning continued from there. Here are our 5 Things To ROAR About for November 14th. Please share this with your family and friends.

1. West Langley RemembersOn Wednesday, the staff, students and families of West Langley participated in a powerful Remembrance Day assembly to honour all those who have died to protect the freedoms we all enjoy today. We also paid tribute to those who continue to serve overseas and at home to preserve our way of living, along with a special recognition of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, who died last month in Ottawa. The combination of dance, drama, spoken word and song made for some authentic reflecting for everyone. Thanks to all the teachers who helped put this powerful day together and to all the parents and grand parents who were able to attend. Lest we forget, for Remembrance Day and everyday.

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IMG_06622. Holy Cow! A Visitor Comes To West Langley: This past week, the BC Dairy Foundation brought their mobile dairy lab to West Langley for our primary students. And the buzz in the parking lot was almost instant. Once the gate opened up to a live cow along with a baby calf, students and parents alike started to gather. The classes wereIMG_0660 great as students learned about how to take care of the animals and how they produce milk. They even got to see the milking process in action. It was certainly one of those authentic learning experiences that lasts a lifetime.

3. Division Six Kicks It Old School: One of the best field trips of Grade 3 is to Lochiel School, a one room building stuck in the 1920s. During this live-action experience, students connect their learning about the pioneers to real-life as they spend some time in “old school.” Children are taken back to a time when desk rows were the norm, dunce caps were used and practice was mandatory, even if it took forever. It is always interesting when students return from this learning activity with a renewed appreciation for their school today as well as some ideas from the past that are still valuable.

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4. Ms Hall Flips For Powerful Learning: As we continue to find powerful ways to empower learning for students, one of the strategies being embraced around the world is the idea of a “flipped” lesson. Essentially this is where the direct teaching is done in such a way that class time can primarily be spent working individually with students on their own specific needs related to the lesson. One way to flip a lesson is to create learning videos for students to watch. Ms Hall used this to help her grade ones and twos understand the concept of counting. Not only could they watch the video all together, they could watch it as many times as they required, being able to stop and start to best suit their learning needs. And they (as well as parents) have access to this learning support whenever they need it. Check out a sample of her flipped lesson on her YouTube Channel.

IMG_07025. Roots of Empathy In Kindergarten Class: This past week, the kindergarten students in Mrs Alsop’s class got to participate in an amazing program called Roots of Empathy. This year-long learning activity has them following the growth and development of “Baby Henry” as he begins the first few months of his life. And while student learn about his development, they are able to compare it to their own, developing a deeper sense of empathy for all IMG_0703those around them. We are so excited to have Adrianna here as a facilitator and the students really enjoyed their first baby visit on Friday.


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