5 Things To ROAR About: October 24th

24 Oct

It has been an amazing week at West Langley. It is crazy how much learning and spirit we are able to fit into five days. Lots or choice in things to celebrate this week, but we narrowed it down to our 5 Things To ROAR About for October 23rd. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_03591. WE CHANGE, WE EMPOWER: This past Wednesday was the annual We Day event at Rogers Arena. Twenty two staff and students from West Langley joined 20,000 other youth inspired to make a difference in the world. The event kicks off a year long campaign to be active in empowering not only our youth, but others around the world. Performers and speakers like Spencer West, Selene Gomez and the Kielburger brothers spoke to students about how their voice can have an impact. And boy did they get our participants inspired. Our students are already excited about their WE SCARE HUNGER campaign where they will encourage students to collect non-perishable food items while trick-or-treating this Halloween to help out our local food banks. We will also be selling WE ARE RAFIKI bracelets to empower women in Kenya. Stay tuned for more information.

IMG_03362. Infinitus Proves The Strings Are Cool!: On Tuesday, the staff and students at West Langley were treated to an incredible performance by the string trio, Infinitus. While one would expect a repertoire of classical music (there was some of that) they kicked off the show with a great rendition of “Smooth Criminal” and never looked back. They captivated the audience with their story telling, education on the instruments IMG_0341and amazing musical talent. Staff and students were talking about the show long after they had left the building.

IMG_03883. The Kindys Take A Look At Themselves: The students in Mrs Alsop’s Kindergarten class had a look at themselves…through art. Using the ELMO, students were taken through a directed self portrait exercise by their teacher, learning about proportions, spacing and other art concepts. The students were engaged as theyB0pQICQIAAAGWpa slowly created amazing works of art featuring themselves. It is great to see simple technology used in combination with great teaching to empower learning for students. These pictures are definitely “fridge worthy.”

4. Division Two Turns Specks Into Art: Pointillism is an art form from the 1880s where drawings are created through the combination of many many simple points. While it requires a lot of patience to create these works of art, the final products are simply amazing. And the grade 6/7 students in Mrs Senften’s class lived up to the task. They have created amazing art pieces through patience and perseverance. They outlined the scene they wanted to create and then set to work using simple dots to create the picture. And as you can see, they are amazing. Be sure to check out all the pictures on the bulletin board outside her classroom.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IMG_83585. West Langley Staff Go To School: Friday was a day off for students, but not for the staff of West Langley. This provincial-wide professional development day saw our teachers and support staff spread out across British Columbia collaborating with other amazing educators. For example, Ms Hall was in Kamloops at the GAFE Summit presenting on how to leverage YouTube as a classroom tool while Mrs O’Byrne was at the Kindergarten Conference sharing practical ways to use an iPad to empower learning for students. Ms IMG_2326.JPGOlson shared with a group of educators at CUEBC on how students can collaborate using Google Docs while Mrs Brien worked with our SEAs on a collaborative problem solving model by Ross Green. Whether it was implementing inquiry, supporting students with anxiety, or alternatives to letter grades, the day was valuable for our staff and will undoubtedly enhance learning for our students.


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