5 Things To ROAR About: October 10th

10 Oct

As we head into our Thanksgiving long weekend, we have so much to be truly appreciative for at West Langley. Many of our classes spent time this week learning about the importance of gratitude and being thankful for all that they have. During this weekend, please take time to let those around you know how much you appreciate them. And share with them our 5 Things To ROAR About: October 10th.

9702890_orig1. Thanksgiving Sharing Soup (from Mrs. O’Byrne’s Class Blog): What an awesome we had cooking our soup. It seems to have become a tradition, that I was unaware of, for our class to make the soup.  So back by popular demand … the sharing soup was made today! Everyone brought vegetables, even some fresh from their garden!  Everyone had a chance to sautee the vegetables.  Then we let it simmer and became very hungry smelling the deliciousness.  Once everyone shared something that they were thankful for, it was time to eat.  I 4577088_origthink this was one of the tastiest soups that have been made.  It was probably the fresh vegetables from the garden.  The students must have enjoyed the soup because it was very quiet for a time as we all enjoyed it.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

2. Mrs Gorseth Class Goes To The Birds: The students in Mrs Gorseth’s grade three class were treated to an amazing learning opportunity on Thursday. Gail the Owl Lady came to the class to share information about owls with the students. They had the opportunity to dissect an owl pellet and even had live owls to interact with. It really brought learning from the book to life being able to see first hand how the animal behaves. There is no question, this is a learning memory that will last a life time.

IMG_20993. Division 4 Learns Some Aboriginal History: This past week Krystal D from the district’s Aboriginal program visited Mrs Janzen’s class to help them learn about First Nations history, specifically about the tradition of button blankets. Students got to see an authentic Aboriginal button blanket and hear the story it told. They then got to IMG_7680make their own mini-blankets. This sort of hands-on cultural learning is powerful for students and adults alike.

4. Chalk And Patterns: The students in Ms Hall’s grade 1 & 2 class took full advantage of the beautiful weather and moved their numeracy lesson outdoors. They used chalk to create a variety of patterns as a core concept of Math. The students managed to go beyond simple AB patters to create more complex thinking that included multiple patterns in the same drawing. So great when visual art can be used to make learning more impactful and authentic.

Bzi0vnCCQAIGWvJ5. West Langley Bird Club Shines Light On Litter: What started out as some innocent fun has spread into a great reminder on our role in keeping our school and the planet clean. This past week, students have been a little neglectful when it comes to keeping their litter in the waste containers. And as a result, we have had more and more seagulls flying around and landing on our playground. So a group of grade three girls took it upon themselves to create the “Bird Patrol.” They have been spending their recess and lunch time scaring off the birds that have come to eat our garbage. What is great though, is this opened the door for some authentic IMG_0265conversations on why it is important to keep our litter in the proper places. And students were able to extend their thinking far beyond simply wanting to keep the birds away. This kind of real-life inquiry makes learning powerful. Hopefully all West Langley students will do their part to keep our “Bird Patrol” group unemployed.


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