5 Things To ROAR About: June 13th

13 Jun

There is no question that this past week has been one of the most unique weeks in June experienced by most people involved in schools. And what is truly amazing is how student success and celebration remained the focus here at West Langley. It truly speaks to what a special learning community we have. And with so much uncertainty in the next couple of weeks, it is possible this will be our last 5 Things To ROAR About for the school year. Below are some of the things we are celebrating from this past week. Please be sure to share with your family and friends. And since we may not be returning until September, we wanted to give a special gift, via video, to our students from the staff at West Langley. Everyday, you truly make us HAPPY!

1. Grade Sevens Enjoy An Awesome Camp Jubilee: This past week saw one of the best traditions of the journey at West Langley, Grade 7 Camp. Twenty five students headed off to Indian Arm in North Vancouver for three nights of fun at Camp Jubilee. They were able to
IMG_8925experience some amazing outdoor activities like canoeing, high and low ropes as well as archery. They had nightly camp fires where they played fun games and learned hilarious camp songs. The student returned very tired but full of amazing memories. We are so thankful to our parent group for making this trip a reality. Thank you to Mrs Beauchamp for organizing things on the home-front and to Mrs Reeder, Mr Thorpe, Mrs Theal and MrIMG_8938 And Mrs Hjorth for going as chaperones. I know this will be a trip the students will talk about for a lifetime. In a couple weeks, the grade 7 slideshow will be shared with the community, including many pictures from this amazing trip.

2. Tyler Represents West Langley on 88th Avenue: This past week saw the culmination of a great art activity from Mrs Janzen’s  class. A few weeks ago, the students created banners as part of a Township of Langley contest to design banners for around the city. While many were recognized, Tyler’s was one that was chosen to be put up in Walnut Grove. And this past Wednesday, on 88th (just before IMG_8956216th) his basketball-themed banner was put up by maintenance workers to be proudly displayed throughout the summer. As you can tell by the picture, Tyler is extremely proud of this accomplishment … and so he should be. Way to go Tyler.

3. Division Seven Enjoys Cooking Celebration:  As we are winding down our nutrition unit for this term, we created a few meals from the website. Thanks to a food grant from BC Dairy that our class 3586335_origreceived, we were able to purchase all of the ingredients needed for today’s meal.  But first we searched the Better Together website for recipes.  We decided to bake chocolate fudge cookies, pizza, and smoothies to drink.  Everyone agreed everything tasted better when we made it together! (from Division 7 Website)

4. Kindergarten Students Inquire About Community: The students in Division 10 have been really running IMG_8951with their inquiry project on Community. They are constantly asking Mrs Paulicelli and Mrs Wong for supplies to build different aspect of the community around them. They are working collaboratively to decide what they need and where to put things. And while they are learning so much, the best part is they are having FUN. This past week they got a chance to actually play with the communities they had built. The smiles and energy were evidence that they were engaged in this learning activity.

IMG_89705. Sports Day Is A Great Day: With all of the craziness of this past week, Sports Day was truly a great morning to escape all the chaos and enjoy a wonderful tradition in elementary schools. Our grade 7s returned from camp and then organized and ran stations for our students to participate in. Each class was divided in to coloured house teams and races in relays competing against one another. What was great to see was the amazing spirit shown by everyone. IMG_8969They were cheering each other on non-stop. Huge thanks to our parents for helping make the day a success, our staff for being so supportive and of course, our students for embodying the true spirit of what Sports Day is.


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