5 Things To ROAR About: May 30th

30 May

Well it has been another “interesting” week in the world of education. However, even through all the uncertainty and instability the staff and students at West Langley continue to put learning at the forefront. We had a great week of success to celebrate. And of course tonight is our Family Fun Night (look for pictures and a post in next week’s 5 Things To ROAR About). I’m sure many of you are at the school enjoying this awesome event. Be sure to check out our 5 Things To ROAR About for this past week…it’s our 100th one! And as always, share them with your family and friends.

IMG_6061.JPG1. Division One Has Some Furry Visitors: 
This week Miss. Iggy’s class had a special visitor or should I say visitors. Kim’s mother brought her eight three week old bunnies for a visit. Each student had an opportunity to hold the bunnies and many of us picked our favorites. I personally loved all of them and I was sad to see them go back to their home. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to take one home with me. We all enjoyed hearing Kim IMG_6049.JPGexplain what it was like to care for the bunnies since birth. We loved their company, cuteness, and snuggles and I hope we can see them again soon. (Isabel)

IMG_88222. West Langley Students Learn Important Fire Safety Lessons: Thursday and Friday this week, the primary students got to go inside the fire safety house. They learned about many important things but here are some of the key points, stop, drop, and roll, when to use a fire alarm, and how to evacuate your house if it caught on fire. The kids were very engaged while listening to the firefighters and learning about all of the good safety precautions that they need to know toIMG_8821 stay safe. Hopefully they will be able to bring their new knowledge home to their parents and siblings to discuss what their family plan would be incase of a fire. Overall this was an authentic and exciting learning activity for the primary students! Thanks to the Township of Langley Fire Department for bringing this great learning experience to West Langley (Jaydia and Madyson)

IMG_3514.JPG3. Kindergarten Students Experience International Children’s Festival: Mrs Paulicelli and Mrs Wong took our youngest students downtown to attend the annual Vancouver International Children’s Festival on Granville Island. And what a memorable day it was. The children had the opportunity to participate in interactive exhibits, mingle with street performers and watch a stage show called “The Circus In Wonderland” that blew their minds. A great time was had by everyone; they were all a buzz when they returned to the school. A huge thank you to the teachers and parents who made this field trip such a great success.

3261375_orig4. Grade Twos Eat And Learn: Ashley and Ray from LEPS (Langley Environmental Partners Society) came to Division 7’s classroom to celebrate what they have learned about our local food sources.  They played Let’s Eat! Jeopardy to review what they have learned.  Then it was on to the best part… local food to eat.  The tomatoes and cheese came from Delta, the buns (freshly baked this morning at Bread Affair) and lettuce from Langley, the pickles were from Glen Valley, 2866996_origand the potato chips came from Maple Ridge.  Everyone agreed that it was one of the freshest sandwiches that they have eaten! Many of the foods can be purchased the Langley Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays at the Kwantlen campus. (Mrs. O’Byrne)

5. Stain Glass Windows Light Up Mrs Gordon’s Room: The Kindergarten and grade one students in Mrs Gordon’s class did an excellent job this past week creating stain glass windows. They used what they have been learning about colours to create beautiful pieces of art. They were especially great looking on Friday with the sun peering through the windows.

IMG_8849 IMG_8847




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