5 Things To ROAR About: May 16th

16 May

We have had another amazing week at West Langley. With the sun beaming down on us, we have been in full swing when it comes to learning. So before you begin your May long weekend, take a minute to celebrate our 5 Things To ROAR About: May 16th.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.06.15 PM1. Miss Vandekerhove’s Class Enjoy International Cuisine: This week Division three hosted an International Food Day! To start, everybody in the class picked a country. They had to choose a country that they didn’t know anything about and they researched in order to learn about their country. After this, students created tourism brochures that aimed at convincing people to go there. To celebrate, today they had to bring in the cultural food Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.06.24 PMfrom their countries. At the end everybody went around and tried each others foods. Students really enjoyed learning about their countries but they especially enjoyed tasting the different foods from other countries! (Jaydia and Sol)

2. Mrs Williams Class Learn About Aboriginal Culture: This week Mrs Williams’ class has been learning about Aboriginal culture. Janet Crockford from the Aboriginal department came in to talk about what each of the aboriginal sacred animals were. The kids chose an animal that they felt related well to their personality and they were able to make art of their animals IMG_8723with tin foil. The animals they chose from included racoons, whales, grandfather bears, owls, wolves, deer, baby bears, swallow, and ravens. Parent volunteers then helped the students use hot glue guns to glue over the outline image (1)of their animals. Once all the glue was set the kids put tin foil over their art and pressed the tin foil on to make the animal appear ‘pop out’ of their page. The only thing left to do was colour the animal. Janet Crockford also sat them in a circle and told them about Aboriginal life styles. Overall, the students seemed to thoroughly enjoy choosing their animals and learning about the culture.

3. Division Seven Eats Weeds: This past week, the students from Mrs O’Byrne, Mr Jung and Mrs Bentley’s class went on a memorable field

IMG_8664 trip to a local organic farm. Here they learned all about how to grow produce that is free of any chemicals. And boy could they taste the difference. They had an opportunity to try out different greens including some that we would traditionally think were weeds and not edible. They had a great time learning about where their food comes from. The results of the tastes tests were a little more varied 🙂

IMG_86624. Kindies Hit The Beach For The Day: The Kindergarten students from Mrs Paulicelli and Mrs Gordon’s class took full advantage of the sun and enjoyed a day learning at the beach. After a short bus ride, they descended on Boundary Bay Park and had a guided tour of the ocean front. They learned about the different animals living their IMG_8660and really enjoyed collecting shells. In reading their reflective journals, discovering crabs was definitely one of the best parts. It is undoubtedly a trip they will remember for a long time. They will even be able to use their new-found knowledge this summer at the beach.

IMG_86835. Division 3 Marches To A Different Beat: In preparation for our Parent Appreciation Tea/Concert, the grade five and six students have been working on their bucket drumming skills. They have been learning about different rhythm patterns by playing buckets with drum sticks. They have also discovered how stringing those different beats together are what make up a song. We are looking forward to seeing them perform next week. Click here to check out a video of them practicing.




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