5 Things To ROAR About: April 25th

25 Apr

Even when it’s a short week, things are hopping at West Langley. Staff and students have been busy actively engaging in different learning activities and even had the opportunity to enjoy a great performance by the Langley Children’s Choir. Below are our 5 Things To ROAR About for April 25th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.


1. The Langley Children’s Choir Brings Sweet Music To West Langley: On Thursday the Langley Children’s Choir came to perform at our school. The children’s grades in the choir range from grade two to grade nine. The choir performed songs that were everything from Japanese songs to songs about family. The choir is split into two age groups. The juniors (grade two to grade five) and the seniors (grade six to grade IMG_8405nine). The juniors performed Let It Go from Frozen and Go Forth With A Song. The seniors performed Off To The North, One For Frost, and True Colours. The choir is directed by Patti Thorpe and Kim Hardy and the accompanist is Heather Hicks. I happen to be a part of this choir and I was thrilled to perform in front of my peers. As a group, we traveled to four schools on a bus and had to practise a lot to be able to perform in front of the schools. We came to West Langley last. Even though they were late they still performed really well. I will definitely say that the entire choir enjoyed themselves and it also looked like the kids were enjoying it too because of all of the voices singing along to the songs. Check out a video of part of the performance by clicking here.  (Mackenzie)

IMG_84092. Learning Gets Moving With Division Four: Ms.Cooper and her class are exploring simple machines and force. As an introduction to their unit, students were given, one door stop, one scooter, one rope, one mat, one box and some blocks, and they had to use their creativity and knowledge of simple machines to pull an extremely heavy box onto a chair. They are devising a simple system themselves. Students came up many strategies on IMG_8408how they should do this. Even though some teams were not as successful with the task as others, they sure learned a lot about teamwork, cooperation, and simple machines. (Jesse and Marc)

IMG_83983. Mrs William’s Class Create Original Cities: The grade one & two students in Division 8 have been working in collaborative groups to design their own cities. After discussing the different things that make up a community, students worked together on a large piece of paper to place these different components in an arrangement that makes sense. They even had certain buildings like the police and hospital labeled as “essential” and had to ensure they were placed inIMG_8396 a central location. They were given bonus points for remembering that schools near residential areas and access to roads was necessary as well. The deep level of thinking involved as well as the great problem solving and critical thinking skills was really impressive.

IMG_83934. Happy Administrative Professional’s Day To The Best One Around: This past week was international Administrative Professional’s Day, an opportunity to recognize the amazing work done by those who interact with parents and students in a school. We are amazingly blessed at West Langley to have Mrs. Swerdan at our school. Her amazing smile great staff, parents and students alike making them feel instantly comfortable in our school. And her caring nature with students when they come to see her for many different things, she does whatever necessary to make them feel special. We could go on and on, but the comments on Facebook by parents and students sums it up best.


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IMG_84165. Division Three Continues to Fly With Ms V: All year long, the students in Ms McLeod’s class have been organizing much of their learning around the theme of “Taking Flight.” So for student teacher, Ms V, there was a natural connection to her upcoming Science unit on birds. Students did a great activity called to a “Know & Wonder” where they can share what they already know about birds as well as what IMG_8415questions they are wondering about. It is a great form of formative assessment, giving the teacher instant feedback on baseline knowledge, and more important, the kinds of inquiry students naturally have to help guide the upcoming unit. The students were very engaged and are excited about what they will be learning.


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