5 Things To ROAR About: April 4th

04 Apr

It has been a great week back after Spring Break. Staff and students have come to West Langley rested and rejuvenated for the last few months of school. And the learning continued. We all hit the ground running and the energy was palpable. Also excited to have our student bloggers back sharing the successes of our past week. Please check out our 5 Things To ROAR About for April 4th and be sure to share with your family and friends.

10155780_772781329413788_1806496856_n1. Can Division One Be Happy For 100 Days: Ms. Iggy’s Grade 7 class has taken on a new challenge called the 100 happy days challenge. During the challenge students have to recognize something that made them happy for 100 straight days in a row. The grade 7 class is doing it a little bit differently, they are drawing and writing about something that made them happy in a booklet, then posting it on their class blog and also tweeting about it on their class twitter account to the hashtag #100HappyDays. At first many students thought the task would be impossible because everyone has a bad day here and there but some of the students have said that they are very curious to see if they can actually complete the challenge. They are also excited to see what will make them happy for 100 photo 3 (8)days. One student even wrote, “I believe that this challenge will show us that happiness isn’t really that hard to find.” So far their happy items have been things such as free candies, no chores, funny jokes and WGSS gator pod interviews. (Nikki and Jaydia)

IMG_72172. Ms Cooper Gets “Force”-ful With Division Four: Ms. Cooper’s class decided to manipulate moving objects to discover what works better or worse in regards to the force (not star wars related).They did three experiments which were pushing people up a hill on a bike and then pushing them down the hill and seeing which one was easier or harder for them to do. Then they started rubbing their hands together for one minute and seeing what friction does to the force. The last experiment, out of many, was when they put soap on their hands and rubbed them together to see if the bubbles stayed or went away. The students loved IMG_0882the hands on aspect of the activities even though didn’t really like it when they had to rub their hands together. (Jacob and Madyson)

3. Ms McLeod Class Embark On An Amazing Race: On your mark! Get set! GO!! The Amazing race is on! In Ms. McLeod’s class they are doing their very own amazing race. The reason why Ms. McLeod’s class is doing this to work in a group to get along with many different beings at a time, to gather lots of information on each place they visit, and is also the introduction to a project about a certain place in the world that they want to do! If you don’t know what the Amazing Race is, it is a T.V show on contestants traveling the world for clues! In Ms. McLeod’s class, they are traveling the world for the answers to their questions. The only way they are able to travel the world is to have your passport at all times. If you lose your passport, you have to hear from the security guard (Mrs. McKellar) who calls you a terrorist. The kids who had that happen said it’s not fun. So far Ms. McLeod’s class is really enjoying this project and is very interesting to hear about. Check out this video of student simulating what it is like for children in a developing country to have to walk and get water. (Millie and Codi)


IMG_81884. Division Ten Starts Growing Potatoes: With Spring comes the planting of flowers and bulbs. The grade Kindergarten students in Mrs Paulicelli and Mrs Wong’s class have got in the spirit by planting potato seeds as part of an inquiry project in Science. They learned about what kinds of things are necessary for the plants to grow and will be observing and recording the entire IMG_8187process, undoubtedly coming up with even more questions than before they started. We are looking forward to learning along side the students as they work towards harvesting their yield.

IMG_81965. Mr Jung Integrates Math And Art, Empowered By Technology: The students in Mrs. O’Byrne & Mrs Bentley’s class have a student teacher for the next couple months. And Mr. Jung hit the ground running with a great lesson to help students learn about patterns in Math while tapping into their artistic creativity. The grade two students first IMG_8197created different items using pattern blocks. They made butterflies, flowers, people, etc and then took pictures of them. Once on the iPads, they used the pictures in an app called PicCollage to create scenes of spring. The end results were excellent, resembling the Cubism art form.


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