5 Things To ROAR About: March 7th

07 Mar

Well it seems that this past week, the expression “March comes in like a lion …” was very true. There were a couple days of torrential downpour! Let’s just hope the second part of that saying occurs as well. It has been another great week of learning at West Langley with lots to celebrate in our 5 Things To ROAR About. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

photo21. Division Six Finds An Indian In The Cupboard: This week Ms.Albrecht’s class is building dioramas of The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. The book is about people who make wax figures that come to life when a key is turned into the drawer of the cupboard. We talked to a few students about how they felt about making the dioramas. One student said he liked making the figures photo3and he said he liked the book and if he had to do it again he would love to. We asked another student what he thought and he said he liked making the people and the door. Another student said that he liked the movie better than the book but he really enjoyed doing the project. Overall, the students were able to engage in their novel with a hands on project that they all seemed to love. (Student bloggers: Kim and Owen)

IMG_78902.Things Get Suspenseful In Ms Iggy’s Class: This week the grade sevens started their unit on suspense stories. They started off by discussing what it meant to be ‘in suspense’ and where they have seen suspense stories before. Then they brainstormed ways of making an ordinary story suspenseful. The students also came up with their own criteria that every story must have in order to be a suspense story. The students gathered around Miss. Iggy to listen to suspense stories while also looking for their criteria. After reading a few suspense stories, they learned that in order to be suspenseful stories must be fast paced, something important must be at stake, someone or something must pose a threat and the characters are afraid of the unknown happening. For example they were read a story about miners who got trapped in a mine and needed to find a way out, there was always a constant risk of death and somehow they managed to make there a way out of the cave covered in coal dust. The way the author described the situation in such detail really made this story suspenseful. We are excited to start writing our own suspenseful stories. (Student bloggers: Jesse and Jordan)

Bh_F_6BCcAAScQ03. Division Five Learns the Aboriginal Art of Ty-Dying: We are very lucky in Langley to have an Aboriginal Support Department that has access to great elders from the First Nations community who can come into our classes and work with students on great learning activities. This past week, the Eduminions from Ms Olson and Mrs Johnston’s class were able to have guest speaker Karen Gabriel Bh_R0sTIAAAOlxQcome in and share the history of ty-dying as it relates to the Aboriginal people. The students also got to create their own pieces of art. This hands-on learning opportunity was a hit among the students as they loved getting their hands dirty while learning about the First Nations culture. Thank you to Danica Hughes, our Aboriginal Support Worker for helping to organize this great activity.

IMG_79164. Division Eight Creates Lion Art: While it is always great to see any art related to our mascot, the Lion, up around the school, the amazing pieces created by Mrs Williams Grade 1/2 class were not actually meant to be a tribute to West Langley. Instead, they used the expression regarding the weather in March (“comes in like a lion) to develop 3-D IMG_7910art pieces which now adorn their bulletin board. The students had a great time making these, especially the manes on the animal, all incorporating their own unique flare to the piece. Check out the slide show below to see all the art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IMG_79395. Ms McLeod’s Students Learn About Child Labour: One of the great things about the grade 5/6 curriculum is its connection to the global world. The students in Ms McLeod’s class have been learning all about social justice and have spent the past few weeks focusing specifically on child labour in developing countries. They read a great book called, Iqbal, and recently connected its content to a inquiry project on child labour around the world. they IMG_7940created ebooks and videos based on their learning to share with the class and beyond. You can check out Emma’s video by clicking on this link. It is so important our students have a global perspective of the world around them.


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