5 Things To ROAR About: February 28th

28 Feb

It is hard to believe we are already at the end of February. It is really amazing how fast the time flies by when everyone is so engaged in learning. This past week started of with some great professional development for staff which translated into excellent spirit and learning activities for students. Please check out our 5 Things To ROAR About and share with your family and friends.

1. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Wows Students On Unique Field Trip: This week at West Langley IMG_7871Elementary Ms.Iggulden, Ms.Olson, Mrs.Senften and Mr.Cruickshank’s classes all went to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in downtown Vancouver with the help of Mrs.Schmidt.  We went to the Orpheum for an hour long symphony extravaganza. The conductors name is Inspector Toby and he was very funny He made the whole audience laugh a lot. Inspector Toby also taught us what Pizzicato meant. It means to pluck the strings of an instrument such as a viola or violin. The orchestra went through every single instrument involved, each playing a specific tune, and it was interesting to hear and learn about all of the instruments. In the end, the symphony was amazing! We learned a lot, laughed a lot, and we hope to do it again in the future. (Student Blogger: Irene and Cindy)

IMG_78652. West Langley Gets Musical With HOJA: This week West Langley had the pleasure of listening to Hoja! They are an a cappella group who use only their voices to perform songs such as All The Single Ladies, Radioactive, We Will Rock You, and Pretty Woman. During the song Pretty Woman two of the performers went over to the grade 7 teacher Ms. Iggulden and started singing to her. The whole school thought that was pretty funny and very entertaining.  Hoja interacted with IMG_7863audience members a lot to make sure we were having fun and singing along. When Hoja sang a country song they asked for volunteers and Jacob, a grade seven student, went on stage to sing and play the air guitar with Hoja. The members of the group even tried to teach us how to use our voices to make certain sounds! It was  fun to see Hoja perform and we all hope they will give West Langley another visit soon.  (Student Blogger: Nikki and Kim)

IMG_78543. Students Enjoy One Last Blast Of Winter (We Hope): As staff spent the day collaborating with one another about assessment and report cards, West Langley was hit with a blast of snow. And when everyone returned on Tuesday, the snow was still on the ground and the fun and enjoyment could be seen everywhere. The wall outside of classrooms were lined with sleds and students were able to get IMG_7852creative building a variety of characters and structures in the snow. Sarah was especially proud of her “snow owl.” We think this may be the last blast of winter, but the forecast does suggest otherwise. Regardless, it’s always fun to have a winter wonderland at West Langley.

4. Division Seven Learns About Canadian Symbols: The students in Mrs O’Byrne and Mrs Bentley’s grade two class have been learning about Canada, specifically symbols of our great nation. They have been doing research on the different things that represent Canada and then displayed some of their learning using the app PicCollage. It is another great example of technology empowering the learning of students. Check out the slide show below of their pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IMG_78615. Complete Pink Out As West Langley Stands Up To Bullying: In British Columbia, this past Wednesday was Pink Shirt Day. Staff and students wore pink to symbolize anti-bullying. However, for West Langley, we worked with our students to get past the idea of “anti-bullying” to talk about what this day really should symbolize … kindness, acceptance, and empathy towards others. Much of our work revolves around the importance of remembering these values IMG_7859and then discussing them in the context of bullying. We stress the importance of bystanders in the cycle of bullying and give students strategies on how best to intervene when they are concerned. And of course, we remind students that Pink Shirt Day is not the end of the work, but only a day. It is crucial that we all practice kindness, empathy and acceptance all 365 days of the year.



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