5 Things To ROAR About: February 21st

21 Feb

Was exciting week at West Langley as we continued, like most of the country, to follow our Olympic athletes as they competed for gold in Sochi. There was lots of learning related to the Olympics as well as other things. Students and staff had much to celebrate so be sure to check out our 5 Things To ROAR About for February 21st. Thanks to Emily, Isabel, Spencer and Jesse for being our student bloggers this week. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_78091. West Langley Supports A Golden Day For Canada: This week at West Langley Elementary we have been supporting our Canadian athletes in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. On Thursday, the entire school wore our national colours, red and white, to support and watch the women’s hockey game.  This was the gold medal game, and it was Canada vs the United States. Students gathered in the gym, to cheer for Canada hoping they would win. This opportunity to watch IMG_7805Canada’s favorite sport was amazing. We did this because it only comes around once every four years, and because of the athletes that went to Sochi and worked so hard to get there. We cheered them on as loud as we could, especially when they scored.  We really enjoyed watching all the kids with their flags, hats, and jerseys.  The highlight of this game was when the school was chanting “Canada”, and they scored!  This was an amazing experience, and you don’t get to see it everyday.  Everyone really enjoyed this experience and CANADA WON GOLD!!!!!! Congrats to the USA women’s hockey team for their silver medal. (Emily and Isabel)

IMG_78242. Annual Jump Rope For Heart Another Success At West Langley: On Thursday, West Langley Elementary held its annual Jump Rope For Heart event. On this day intermediate and primary students were placed in groups where they then jumped consecutively for 45 seconds each, one after another. As a whole, we plan to raise $5000 which goes towards the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Since West Langley first started participating in this event, we have raised almost $170 IMG_7818000! The Heart and Stroke foundation is a program that helps people with heart problems get the treatment they need to get better and survive and every year they connect with our school to let us participate in the Jump Rope For Heart program. Every kid in our school goes to the gym and jumps for half an hour and they have the option to have friends and family members donate to the foundation. They even earn awesome prizes. We all got a lot of exercise and learned about a great cause. One thing is for sure, all of the students at West Langley have a lot of heart. (Spencer and Jesse)

photo3. West Langley Students Shine At Hockey Tournament: Many of our students are involved in sports throughout the community and are enjoying great success at it. This past week, three students from Division 4, Aidan, Josh and Sara who play on the same team ended up in the finals of their leagues playoffs. They were photo-1playing a team that had previously beat them, but through perseverance and team work, they pulled off an 8 – 3 win to claim the championship. Congratulations to all three of you on a great season.

IMG_01594. Students Connect With Students To Empower Genius Hour Project: The students in Ms Olson’s class have been working really hard on their Genius Hour projects. One group of girls was able to connect with a student-author, Talissa through Skype. Part of their Genius Hour project includes some form of creative authorship, whether it is developing a story, a book or drawings. The students were able to talk to and ask questions of this Grade 10 student from Surrey, who GHcreated a book for a project last year, turned it into an iMove and then shared with her class by teacher Ms Lees. It was another great example of connected learning empowered by technology.

image-15. Children Use Large Muscles As Part Of Ready Set Learn: We are excited at West Langley to be able to offer the Ready Set Learn program. These great sessions, which occur six times throughout the year, are for children aged 3 and 4 to help prepare them for school. Parents come with there children and learn how toimage-2 best play with the youngsters to encourage the best learning while still having fun. We are lucky to have Mrs. Christine Rogers run the sessions. A huge thank you to her and all the families who attend.


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