5 Things To ROAR About: February 14th

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! It was a short week here at West Langley, but that hasn’t stopped the high level of learning going on in the classrooms. With the Olympics in full swing and the primaries celebrating 100 days of school, there is plenty to celebrate. Please take a moment to check out our 5 Things To ROAR About including posts from our student bloggers, Nicola and .

IMG_77401. Buddy Classes Bring The Olympics To West Langley: This week Ms. Mcleod’s class has joined forces with Mrs. O’Byrne’s class to host their own Olympics! The two ‘buddy’ classes created their own sports and then went into the gym to participate in their games. They divided the gym into four quarters, each quarter holding a different sport. Some of the sports they made up included, tug-a-IMG_7727war dodgeball, death ball, and many many other cool and interesting games! Why did they do this? To learn about what is happening in Sochi, use their creative minds and to simply have a fun day! Mrs. Mcleod’s and Mrs. O’bryne’s class really liked this fun! Although this wasn’t the real Olympics(unfortunately), they are true Olympians to the West Langley community! (by Nicola)

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photo 62. Division Two Creates String Art: This week Miss Iggy’s class has been doing a different type of art project, String Art! Instead of using paints, markers and paper, they have been using nails, string and wood. Each student created a design on a piece of paper and then they taped the paper onto a piece of wood. They also marked where they wanted to put nails to go. Once they had stuck the paper onto the wood they used a photo 5hammer to pound small nails in through the paper into the wood in the shape of their design. After all the nails were all in the wood, they very carefully ripped the paper off the the nails and wood. Then came the fun part. Students wrapped colored string around the nails making sure to stay within their patterns. Once they were done, they had a true piece of art. Although it may seem like it’s different, all of the students think that it is definitely the most beautiful and fun art project to do and many of them plan to decorate their rooms with their pieces. I would encourage you to try it for yourself. (by Isabel)

IMG_77243. Division Two Celebrates Their Friendship Lunch: Each year, the students in Mrs Senften’s class participate in a Valentine’s week tradition of the Friendship Lunch. They are put into groups and together must collaborate on a theme and menu for a special lunch later in the week. The students always have fun coming IMG_7723up with their theme and are often quite creative in finding foods that go along with it. Then on Thursday, they got to sit and enjoy the fruits of their labour. It is such a great way to celebrate the spirit of friendship and togetherness that comes with Valentine’s Day.

IMG_3892.JPG4. After School Games Club A Big Success: We are very lucky here at West Langley to have parent, Mr. Mills, volunteer to run an after school Games Club for our intermediate students. Each Tuesday he comes in and teaches the students how to play different board games. For the past few weeks, they have been playing a great game called “Settlers of Catan” that requires a great deal of IMG_7697strategy and thinking to be successful at. Students are able to learn the rules and different ways of approaching the game, all while having a blast. A huge thanks to Mr. Mills as well as Mrs Janzen for making this great learning opportunity possible for our students.

5. Division Three Create Doodles For Google: Recently, Google held a contest in schools across Canada and the US giving students the opportunity to design one of the “doodles” that would be on their home page. And while West Langley didn’t hear about this contest until after the deadline, that didn’t stop the students from Ms McLeod’s Grade 5/6 class from creating their own. And as you can tell by the pictures below, they clearly matched the creativity of the Google employees themselves. And the best part is, as a follow up activity, they are going to create “doodles” using West Langley instead of Google. So be on the lookout for a new banner for our websites homepage.


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