5 Things To ROAR About: February 10th

07 Feb

IMG_7645It has been a very beautiful week here at West Langley albeit, very cold. And while we’ve IMG_7646been having very low temperatures outside these past few weeks, the learning and energy inside the school has remained high. Please check out our 5 Things To ROAR About for February 7th including our guest student bloggers, Brody and Cody. Also, be sure to share with your family and friends.



IMG_95571. Division One Checks Out Science World: On February 4th, Miss. Iggulden’s class went on an all day field trip to Science World. Many of the students used this field trip as an opportunity to find out more info on their genius hour topics. Once the students got to Science World they were separated into groups and were free venture around the two floors. Students were able to learn about five different main exhibits including, the water exhibit with fun water puzzles and interesting IMG_0674water games, the eureka exhibit about animals and their bones, the illusion exhibit with mind games and illusions, the body exhibit with the important organs in a human body, and the exhibit about our world with pollution and electricity. While students were there, they spent an hour learning about the brain by participating in a variety of activities with the help of a Science World representative. This was a very engaging learning experience for many of the students. All of the students found something different that they thought was interesting to learn about and they enjoyed this trip very much.

IMG_66232. Division Five Continue To Enjoy Genius Hour: This week Ms. Olson’s class continued to work on their Genius Hour projects. I had the opportunity to go around Ms. Olson’s class and ask different students about their Genius Hour projects. Some of the topics that students shared with me include: a project on football, how to write and illustrate a book, and some are even making a board game about math IMG_0477that they will call math stack. I think this is a really good way to for students to collaborate with each other and it is interesting to see how they came up with the ideas for their projects themselves by coming up with questions about what they were most passionate about. This will also give them the ability to work together and learn about each other’s topics as well.



3. West Langley Public Speaking Celebration Assembly: On Friday we held our annual public speaking celebration assembly. Students from each division presented their speeches in from of the entire school and parents. Our primary students did a magnificent job of memorizing a variety of poems and short lyrics to share with everyone. Our intermediates spent time writing their own speeches before presenting to their classes and eventually the entire school. It is such a IMG_7631valuable skill for students to be able to express themselves in front of a larger group and we are so proud of everyone for having the courage to do this. For a full list of those who presented at the assembly, please click here.

IMG_76074. Division 9 Asking Great Questions: The Kindergarten and Grade one students from Mrs. Gordon’s class have been working with Ms. Campbell on how to ask effective open and closed questions. Whether embarking on a new inquiry project or trying to solve a conflict on the playground, it is important that students know how to ask the right questions to get at the answers they are looking for. Below is a video of a little saying they learned to help them remember how to ask good open-ended questions.

IMG_76435. Class Acts For December And January: At our assembly this week, we were proud to recognize our two Class Act recipients for December and January. As part of our leadership team, both Sol (December) and Jacob (January) have exhibited great role modelling around West Langley as students and citizens. They both work extremely hard on their learning in class and are always ready to help out around the school whether it isIMG_7644 delivering the technology to classes (Sol) or baby-sitting during our PAC meetings (Jacob). For a full write up on both of these students, as well as our past Class Act recipients, click here. Congratulation Sol and Jacob.


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