5 Things To ROAR About: January 31st

31 Jan

photo 2 (5)It has been another great week at West Langley, extremely busy with plenty of learning going on. This week, we are excited to have two of our 5 Things To ROAR About written by student bloggers. The first one is by Cynthia and the second one is by Kaitlyn. We are photo 1 (5)moving closer and closer to our goal of having the weekly blog being written entirely by students. So enjoy our 5 Things To ROAR About for January 31st and feel free to share with your family and friends.

1. Division One Learns About Circumference: For math in Ms. Iggy’s class, we used long pieces of string to help us measure circular objects. We wrapped the string around the objects that we wanted to measure and then we took the strings off and used a meter stick to measure the lengths of the strings.  We used photo 3 (4)objects such as globes, wheels, cones, chairs, buckets, etc. Once we found the measurement, we realized that the length of the string was the same as the circumference of the circular object. We then found the area, radius, and the diameter of the objects. We asked some students in our class what they thought of this assignment. Students said they enjoyed the hands on aspect of the lesson and were enjoying this unitphoto 4 (4) in math! They also said that it helped them understand how to do the math better. Overall we has tons of fun and we hope we get the chance to this again.

2. Ms Cooper’s Class Witness Open Heart Surgery: Ms. Copper’s class have been learning about the human body during science. To help with this, one of the class parents, Mrs Huggan, brought in a real pigs heart and a human skull. Mrs Huggan put IMG_7467these two items on a projector and taught students about what exactly it was that they were looking at. Mrs Huggen dissected the pigs heart to show the class all the veins and arteries in the heart. Even though some of the students were squirmish to begin with, overall, they found this amazing and loved to see what it look like in real life. This was a great experience for Div 4 and it helped with their studies on the human body.IMG_7466

3. Primary Students Learn How To Keep The Planet Green: This past week, the students in Division 9 and 10 had someone for LEPS come in and talk with them about how best to recycle waste and what happens to everything that is recycled. It was impressive how much the students already IMG_7454knew about sorting their garbage into recycling, organics and waste. Was a great example of the shift in society that has been occurring. The students were shocked, however to see some of the things all their hard work turn into. Toys and clothes were just a couple of the examples they saw. There is no question that after the presentation, they were even more motivated to be great Lion C.U.B.S. (Children United for Better Sustainability).IMG_7453

IMG_74584. Students Learning About Aboriginal Medicine Wheels: We are lucky in Langley to have an active Aboriginal program dedicated to working with our students of First Nation ancestry. At West Langley, our support worker, Danica Hughes, coordinates different guests to come and participate in hands on activities with our students while they learn about different traditions and stories. This past week, Maureen Pollock came and created Medicine Wheels with several of our students while Danica shared the history of this sacred hoop. It was a great cultural learning experience for our students.

5. Divisions Three And Four Head Up The Mountain: After weeks of anticipation, the students in Ms McLeod and Mrs Janzen’s class finally headed up to Mt Seymour for their snowshoeing field trip. After a couple days of fresh snow, the skies cleared up and they were treated to an amazing beautiful, sunny day. On top of getting some great physical exercise and enjoying the break-taking views, they also learned about winter survival and how best to prepare for the conditions outside. There is no question this is a learning event they will not soon forget.

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