5 Things To ROAR About: January 24th

24 Jan

IMG_0432It has been a spectacular week at West Langley. The sun has been shining and the learning has been great. As usual, we are excited to share our 5 Things To ROAR About for January 24th. And as always, we have two student guest bloggers sharing one of our successes. Thanks to Madi and Nikki. Don’t hesitate to pass it along to your family and friends.

IMG_74001. Student Bloggers Enjoy Robbie Burns Day With Division Six: Mr.Cruickshank’s Gade 2-3 class had an exciting day outside. They are learning about Scottish culture in honour of Robbie Burns Day. They were learning how to play Caber Toss which is a Scottish game performed in the Highland Games. Mr. Cruickshank got in the spirit of the games and wore a Scotsman outfit and a kilt! After he introduced the games to the kids he took them out onto the grade seven field where they got a chance to try it out for themselves. It looked IMG_0466like they had lots of fun learning about Scottish culture and history. Once they got outside they each had a turn throwing the pole and learning how to hold the pole and how to toss the pole.  In the end it sounds like Mr.Cruickshanks’s class now knows a little bit about the Scottish heritage. After they came inside, a special guest, Mrs Gleeson played the bagpipes for his class. All in all, it was a very memorable day.

2. Division Ten Learns To Dress For Success: This past week, the weather has been quite deceiving. The sun has been shining, but the temperature has been cold. So to help the Kindergarten students remember the importance of dressing warmly to be outside, Mrs. Paulicelli used an art to make the lesson more meaningful. The students drew self portraits and then had to dress their art work to be outside in the cold. It didn’t take IMG_7328long for the students to realize the importance of jackets, scarfs and gloves to stay warm and cozy when out in the cold. Always great to see art being used in a way that is integrated and purposeful for students.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.55.54 PM3. Grade Twos Connect With Olympic Athletes: The students in Mrs O’Byrne and Mr Jung’s class have been getting ready for the upcoming 2014 Sochi Olympics in a way only made possible by today’s technology. They used their class twitter account to sent out tweets to a variety of Canadian athletes competing in different events next month in Russia. And in a very short time, several of them contacted the students back answering their questions and thanking them for the support. The students also have been using Photo Jan 23, 1 42 54 PMtheir iPads to create informational posters about some of the athletes they have been talking with. Check them out by clicking here. This Olympic unit is such a great example of technology making learning more connected and meaningful for students.

IMG_73344. Wake Up Wednesday At West Langley: The students in our We Create Change group have been fundraising all year to raise money for the Free The Children Education campaign. They are purchasing bricks at $20 a piece with the goal of building a school in a developing country. This past week, they held their first “Wake Up Wednesday” where they served coffee to parents in the morning before school. They will be out there each week until Spring Break and will be adding muffins, IMG_7335donuts, tea and hot chocolate to the menu. Please stop by and support the great effort of our student leaders.

IMG_73835. Division Three Discover The World Of Blogging: It was an exciting week for Ms McLeod’s class as they began to work on their own posts using KidBlog. They learned not only how to create their own posts but even how to effectively comment on the posts put up by the peers. The energy in the room was clearly evident each time they took their iPads to continue blogging. This is going to be a great way for their learning to be more IMG_7404purposeful, connected and engaging.


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