5 Things To ROAR About: January 17th

17 Jan

photo 5 (3)It has been a great week at West Langley Elementary. Staff and students have been engaged in great learning activities. Below are the 5 Things To ROAR About for January 17th, including one from student co-bloggers, Emily and Makenzie. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

1. Student Co-Bloggers, Emily and Mackenzie, Share First Nations Legends: This week in the grade 7 class, the students have been working on drama.  They have been acting out a First Nations Legend that Miss Iggy read to them.  The name of the story is called “Coyote and the Star” which is by the Klamath Indians in Southern Oregon.   This story was about why coyotes howl and how Crater Lake was formed.  They were divided into groups and each group had to act out a quarter of the story.  They also had to act this out without any props, and they had to use facial expressions and body language since the skits were silent.  The purpose of this lesson was to try to find a way to act out the skit in a different way than we may be used to.  This allowed us to be creative and to know how to act a part without any props.  Once the groups practiced their parts they collaborated with the other groups and gave feedback on what they could work on or change in order to improve.  They were given 45 minutes to practise over the course of two weeks.  The grade 7’s really enjoyed doing this as they practised their parts.  This was a very fun lesson and they will be performing the story next Friday to the class.

2. School Wide Inquiry: Bulletin boards have always been a great place to display the work of our students. But this past week, West Langley put a bit of a spin on the bulletin board and made it interactive! As we continue with our work towards “engaging students

IMG_7278through authentic learning” the students (and staff) were given the inquiry questions, “The answer is 12, what is the question?” And the responses have been great. Using a felt pen, people have been encouraged to come up with different questions to this simple answer. The creativity and deeper thinking has become more and more evident as the week went on. We look forward to seeing what else is shared as we leave the bulletin board up for the next couple weeks.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.36.24 AM3. “Living Paragraphs” Written On Twitter: The grade three and four students in Ms Olson’s class have been learning about how to write descriptive sentences as part of a solid paragraph. And to add a collaborative aspect, the students created “living paragraphs” on Twitter using the hashtag #not1upworthy. They took turns Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.40.54 AMadding a sentence to the paragraph via a 140 character tweet, trying to be as descriptive as possible. It allowed for some great conversations about what makes a powerful sentence and paragraph while sharing their learning with the broader learning community. Be sure to check out their Twitter page along with their unique hashtag.

IMG_72514. Trestle Tree Returns To West Langley: It has been tradition for many years that in the month of January, the trestle tree equipment comes to the West Langley gym. And this past week, our primary students got their first opportunity to play and explore on the gymnastic-like equipment, including the large apparatus attached to the wall. The students always have such a great time climbing, jumping and crawling while building IMG_7248their gross motor skills and overall physical well-being. And the best part is we still have two more weeks to enjoy it.

5. Mrs Wong’s Inquire About What Snowmen Do At Night: The kindergarten students in Division 10 have been working on a collaborative project based on the book What Do Snowmen At Night. Her and another class in Chicago, IL have been Skyping IMG_7289with one another to share what they are thinking and learning about the book. As part of their learning, her class talked about what Snowmen do as a job during the day. They then created a visual representation of their snowman doing that job using any materials they wanted. She simply supplied a variety of things and even got materials if the students asked for them. And as you can see, the end result was an array of creative and unique snowmen, IMG_7262all doing different jobs during the day. Check out this slide show of their final projects as well as this reflective blog post about the process the class went through.


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