5 Things To ROAR About: December 20th

20 Dec

IMG_4333.JPGIt is hard to believe that 2013 is already coming to a close and we are breaking for another Winter holiday. The first few months of the school year have been amazing and we are looking forward to an even better time in 2014. From all of us here at West Langley Elementary, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. And as our gift to you, here is our 5 Things To ROAR About for December 20th, starting with student blogger, Jacob.

1. Student Blogger, Jacob, Shares Generosity of West Langley: Over the past month, our school has been collecting food, toys, clothing, money and gift cards for three families in need in our community. This past Thursday, many students from Division 1 delivered the Christmas hampers to each of these families. All the students involved in delivering the hampers were so grateful for this valuable opportunity to help effect and improve the lives of others. Many of us have IMG_7017never had a chance to do something this important. The mother of the family whose Christmas hamper I delivered was so happy with us that she even hugged all of the people that delivered the hamper. After we brought the first wave of food she started to cry and said “thank you.” I said that’s only the first wave of food and she was so shocked that we had that much to give. It felt so good to deliver the hamper to the families because we were helping people who really seemed to need them.

photo (2)2. Division 3 & 4 Earn Restorative Action Certificate: For the past few weeks, the students in Mrs Janzen/Ms Cooper’s and Ms McLeod’s class have been working with Mrs Watson from the Langley School District on the principals of restorative action and peace circles. During their weekly sessions, the students learn strategies to empower themselves and solve conflicts in ways that are IMG_6983helpful as oppose to hurtful. We are very excited to have these students develop such important skills and we know they will be useful not only while they are at West Langley but for years to come. A huge thank you to Mrs Watson for working with these students.

IMG_69883. Division 1 Using Inquiry To Create Christmas Crafts: At this time of year, many classes are busy creating Christmas crafts as either gifts for their families or to decorate their homes. Ms Iggy decided to put a bit of a spin on this tradition with her grade sevens by incorporating inquiry into their learning. She asked the students to just bring in three random items from home that they could “mess up.” She then gave them a list of only 5 things they could use along with their items (felts, paper, glue, tape, scissors) and challenged them to create a ChristmasIMG_6992 craft. And the students responded with some original, one of a kind crafts that were amazing. For example, Jordan’s “Solar Panel Sleigh” incorporated the hand warmer and circuit board he brought. This was a great way to engage students in the inquiry process while embracing the festive season.

IMG_70554. Division 5 Creates Art, Empowered By Technology: This past week, the grade 3/4 students in Ms Olson’s class did a great art project empowered by the iPads in their class. The students are learning about Canadian artist Ted Harrison and used the devices to look at different samples of his art work, talking about designs and colour schemes. They learned about the use of warm/cool colours and where they were placed. The students then either chose a painting to replicate using oil pastels or created their own drawing inspired by Ted Harrison’s work. The only rule was they had to include the Inukshuk, a symbol of the Aboriginal culture. And you can see in this slide show, the final product was quite IMG_6979amazing while being a deeper learning experience for the students.

IMG_08955. We Create Change Students Raise Over $600! Over the past couple weeks, the students in Division 3 have been working hard to raise money for our We Create Change campaign. They have been making bracelets, necklaces and keychains to see to students along with candy canes. And in that time, they raised $629.00! We have a goal to build a school in a third world country by purchasing bricks. The money raised will allow us to purchase 31 bricks towards our goal of 500. We are so proud of our students for looking beyond their own four walls to help others on a global scale. IMG_0893


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