5 Things To ROAR About: December 13th

13 Dec

It has been one awesome week here at West Langley. Two days of snow, our Christmas concert and plenty of engaged, purposeful learning activities. As we draw closer to the Winter Break, the energy around our school is building up. Here are our 5 Things To ROAR About for December 13th. Be sure to share with your family and friends.

photo 5 (1)1. Student Blogger Shares About Genius Hour: In Ms. Iggy’s grade seven class we are doing a project called Genius Hour. Ms. Olson’s grade three-four class is also participating in this project. Genius Hour is about learning about the thing you are most passionate about (for more information click here). Some of the topics that we have chosen to learn about are, the physiology of a crab, how computers are made, the technology of baseball bats, how we perceive color and how the brain turns music into emotions. We all become experts on our topics and are then able to share and answer our peers questions about them. Genius hour helps emphasize the process of learning rather than just the finished project. I am looking forward to genius hour because my topic is something I am very passionate about and I’m happy to spend time to learn more about it. Everyone in our class is engaged and eager to learn more about their topics as well.

IMG_69212. Division Five Learns About Money, Empowered By Technology: The students in Ms Olson’s class have been learning all about money. And while they have been using some of the traditional methods, one of the more powerful ways they have been learning how to make change is using an app on the iPads called Explain Everything. Students are able to use virtual coins to make different amounts of money, while verbalizing what they are thinking. As educators, this is a great insight into what a child understands and allows authentic assessment of their learning. It also gives students the opportunity to share their learning with each other and reflect on their own understanding of the concept. Check out this example of Koan making $3.78 using the app.

DSC_04303. Kindergarten Students Share Learning Through Skype: Mrs Wong’s class participated in a Skype with Mrs Mace’s class that was a continuation of a project they started a few weeks ago. As you may remember in a previous 5 Things To ROAR About, the two classes did a Mystery Skype with each other where they asked questions trying to figure out what animal each other was going to be DSC_0428studying. They promised to connect with each other again in a few weeks to share what they had learned. Well this week, the students in Division 10 had the opportunity to compare and contrast their animal, owls, with the animal Mrs Mace’s class studied, bats. This kind of connected learning makes the knowledge obtained so much more authentic and meaningful.

DSC_04444. Division Four Share Their New Year’s Wish Through Art: The grade 4/5 students in Mrs Janzen/Ms Cooper’s class did a great project integrating art and writing. Each student thought about their dreams and wishes, as part of New Years tradition. They came at it with a local as well as global mindset. They then took photographs of themselves blowing and combined that with painted dandelions. DSC_0468The result was a powerful piece of work celebrating the hopes and dreams of each student as we begin another year. Check out a full slideshow of pictures by clicking here.

5. Polar Express Arrives At West Langley: This past Thursday, the students at West Langley put on their annual Christmas Concert for parents and extended family. Both the afternoon and evening audiences were treated to a wonderful journey on the Polar Express where they explored the true spirit of Christmas through reader’s theatre and song. All in all, it was a great way to get in the festive spirit. A huge thank you to Mrs Schmidt and the entire staff of West Langley for all their hard work in putting the show together.

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