5 Things To ROAR About: November 29th

29 Nov

IMG_0402Hard to believe we are already at another Friday. And less than a month from Christmas. The time this year has been flying by. Of course, here at West Langley, the learning of staff and students is in full effect. Check out our 5 Things To ROAR About for November 29th, including a post from student blogger, Jesse.

1. Student Blogger, Jesse, Joins The Ks In The Hunt For The Number Four: This IMG_6795week division 10 has been using the camera on the iPads to find the number 4 and groups of items in 4’s. The reason is that it is their number of the week and they can not find it! You can’t have a week without a number for it! So they have been looking for it everywhere. They are having luck finding it and they have taken lots of pictures of IMG_6789groups of 4 wheels, 4 blocks, 4 chairs, 4 puppets, 4 stuffies and 4 math blocks. Here is what all of the students agree on, they love having a number of the week, they are having loads of fun looking for the lost number, and they can not wait to get to the number 5, and they are excited to get to use more abilities of the iPads. Check out a slide show of pictures here.

IMG_74532. Divisions Three And Four Take Flight At YVR: Mrs. Janzen and Ms. McLeod took Div. 4 and Div. 3 students on a YVR Explorer Tour. Students flew around the airport with their energetic tour guides. They covered ground outside where they saw the very beautiful living wall with over 27,000 plants growing in a special grid. Students learned that this wall helps to create oxygen and act as a sounds barrier (similar to the new one at Guildford mall). The grades four to six students learned the difference between domestic and international flights. The rest of the visit was conducted indoors where they were educated from their tour guides on the theme of the airport, which is “Land, Sea, and Sky.” The theme runs through the airport through its’ clever designs, colours, and art. The classes examined how the beams were shaped like tree branches (serving both aesthetics and a practical nature), the beautiful tile was done in water colours, and so much more. They were introduced to First Nations art from the large installation piece of The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: the Jade Canoe by Bill Reid. The students learned a variety of interesting facts about the Vancouver artist’s statue like: why it was made out of bronze, the mythology behind the thirteen creatures, why it is represents nature, etc. Children had a chance to learn both why and pilot uses the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and how to change their own names into this code. Students learned different ways the airport uses sustainability from the use IMG_7428of solar power to heat water to special sensors to control heating, etc.  Some highlights: Students were explained why and how YVR uses trained birds of prey (i.e. falcons) to keep other birds away from the air pathways around the airport (for both the safety of the birds and aircraft).  Both classes made paper airplanes that were the design of a BCIT aerodynamics program. Overall, it was an outing that was jammed packed with interesting things for the children to do, see, and learn about!

Thank you to Ms. Hansen-Hughes (our Aboriginal worker), Mrs. McKellar (TA), and Ms. Black(TA) for accompanying Ms. McLeod and Mrs. Janzen on the all day field trip! Here is a slide show of more pictures from the trip.
3. West Langley Celebrates Jersey Day: Today was National Jersey Day in recognition of the importance of sports and West Langley joined many schools in adorning the jersey of their favourite sports team. While the local clubs, The Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps were the most popular, there was representation from a variety of levels, leagues and sports. We are lucky to have so many of our students participating in team and individual activities.
IMG_67714. Grade Twos Begin Blogging: The students in Mrs O’Byrne’s class spent some time this past week creating their first ever blog post! Using an app called KidBlog, the students signed in to their secure accounts and began writing about what their favourite part of the classroom was and why they liked it so much. Eventually they will be posting these on the internet so they can share and comment on each others. The valuable IMG_6769lessons in digital citizenship and internet safety coupled with the meaningful purpose created by a broader audience makes blogging a great learning activity for the students. It is a wonderful example of engaging students in authentic learning empowered by technology.
IMG_67825. Run Run Run As Fast As You Can, Strong Start Hunts For The Gingerbread Man: One of the sure signs that the Christmas season is upon us is the annual Gingerbread search Mrs Menzies organizes for the Strong Start children. Based on the very popular book, the students put a large gingerbread man in the oven, only to return and find out he is missing. They search all over the school, getting clues as to his whereabouts. And of IMG_6783course, there is great excitement when they finally track him down … and even tastier when they get a chance to eat him. It is a special day for our youngest West Langley children, creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

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