5 Things To ROAR About: November 15th

15 Nov

IMG_6681In December of 2011, West Langley had its first ever 5 Things To ROAR About post. And so after all this time, it is very exciting for us to have our first ever guest student blogger contribute to this great tradition at our school. In fact, for the rest of this year, each 5 Things To ROAR About post will include a writing submission from one of our students writing about what exciting learning is going on in their classroom. This week’s guest student blogger is Isabel from Ms Iggy’s class. Her contribution is the first of our 5 Things To ROAR About: November 15th. Be sure to share with your family and friends.


1. Guest Student Blogger Shares About Learning Math: This past week the grade 7 Class has been doing a fun and educational math lesson using technology. The website they are using is Each student has a personal account where they can do lessons based on what they are learning in class. Once or twice a week each student is sent home with a math lesson where their teacher can see how they are doing. They receive a 5302804_origsmart score which is the ratio of the ones they got right. Once they reach one hundred they can move on to the next lesson but if they get one wrong the website will actually explain what they got wrong and how to do it. So far it has been a very effective lesson by helping and giving a little extra math practice to the students. Over all it is a big success and a fun one too.


IMG_66482. Division Seven Flips Out: We all know that physical activity is important for not only a child’s learning but their overall well-being. And while traditional physical education time is great, it is always a treat for students when they can access an alternative activity. The students in Mrs. O’Byrne’s grade 2 class have been going IMG_6657to Flip City gymnastics once a week and have been enjoying it immensely. They get to use the trampolines, rings and bars and of course, their favourite, the foam pit. It is easy for a child to be active when it is fun … and the benefits of that last long beyond their time at West Langley. Check out more pictures by clicking here.

IMG_66363. As The World Turns With Division Five: The students in Ms Johnston’s grade 3/4 class turned into scientist on Wednesday to learn about how the earth’s rotation is effected by the heat from the sun. They set up the experiment in their classroom where they took the temperature on a thermometer that was placed atIMG_6635 different angles to represent the rotation of Earth. A bright, warm light bulb was in the centre representing the sun. They then re-took the temperature learning that the position of our planet is a big part in determining how warm and cold it is. It is this kind of hands-on learning that makes it so meaningful and authentic.

IMG_66314. Mrs Williams Class Can Explain Everything: One of the ways we have been using technology at West Langley to empower authentic learning is to give students different tools that they can use to demonstrate their understanding and share their newly constructed knowledge. And the earlier we can arm them with these tools, the better. So it was great to IMG_6629see the grade 1/2 students from Mrs Williams class learning how to use a wonderful voice capturing and screencasting app called, Explain Everything. They are becoming very skilled at using text, photos and artistic tools to create short videos using the app.

IMG_66625. Kindergarten Students Participate in Mystery Skype: More and more classes at West Langley have been connecting with other classes around the world using the video-conferencing website Skype. The students are able to enhance their learning by moving outside the confines of our school to learn from and with other students. Mrs. Wong’s class participated in their first Skype session with another class where each was trying to guess the animal they will be studying for the next couple weeks. Our students answered questions as the other class narrowed it down to “owls” and IMG_6671then we figured out they would be studying “bats.” As a follow-up, the classes will participate in another Skype session in  few weeks where they will share with each other what they have learned about their perspective animals. It is amazing how much more authentic learning becomes when the audience extends beyond simply the teacher. Check out a short video at our YouTube Channel below as well as more pictures at our Flickr account

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