5 Things To ROAR About: October 25th

25 Oct

IMG_63081. West Langley Staff Participate In Learning With Will Richardson: This Friday was a day off for students however our entire staff was engaged in learning. Almost all the teachers and support staff at our school went to see Will Richardson speak about the role of schools in a world where knowledge is in abundance and the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is paramount. Many of the things Will talked about resonated with our staff as we continue to focus on the ever-changing role of schools in today’s world. He offered some great ideas to think about regarding IMG_6306what a child will need to be successful when they leave us in grade twelve and how technology may be able to empower them during this journey. I know we will have some more great conversations based on this wonderful day.

2. Chinese Delegation Learns From West Langley: Over the past couple of years, West Langley has emerged as a place other local educators have taken an interest in. This past week, our pursuit of “engaging IMG_6277students in authentic learning empowered by technology” hit a global scale as a group of administrators and teachers from China visited our classrooms. Our IMG_6275guests had the opportunity to see Ms Olson, Ms McLeod and Mrs O’Byrne’s students in action as they used a variety of technology to enhance their learning experience. They were very impressed with what was going on and are excited to take their new found knowledge back to China and their respective schools. It is great to have the opportunity to participate in the world-wide learning that is so much a part of our lives today.

IMG_62893. Another Strong Start For Strong Start: One of the many things that makes West Langley such an amazing place is our Strong Start program. Louise Menzies creates a place for our soon-to-be students to come and get a jump start on their readiness for school. With learning through play as the main theme, this parent participation program provides amazing stimuli and wonderful group activities that are engaging for students. ItIMG_6290 runs everyday from 9:00 – 12:00 but fills up quickly so be sure to come early. A huge thanks to Mrs Menzies for making the West Langley Strong Start one of the best in the province.

photo 094. Divisions Nine And Ten Go To The Farm: It is one thing to learn about a subject in the classroom setting. And for the past few weeks, the students in Mrs Gordon’s, Mrs. Paulicelli and Mrs Wong’s class have been learning about all kinds of different things related to fall. However yesterday, they took their learning out into the real world with a trip to the local Apple Barn. Here they got to pet farm animals, learn about an apple orchard and even take a tractor ride photo 3out into the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin. It is always great to see students engaged in learning that is authentic and purposeful. And of course, some life long memories were made in the meantime. Click here for more pictures.

IMG_62705. Kumi Is Principal For The Day: As a reward for selling Entertainment Books, Kumi from Division three won the opportunity to be principal of West Langley for they day. And on Monday, he showed up ready to do the job. Armed with his Vice Principal, Ronil, Kumi laid out a day that was every kid’s dream. It included an extra long recess that was enjoyed by everyone. That was followed up with a great IMG_6271lunch out at a restaurant of his choice…Taco Bell. When he returned, Kumi and Ronil had their grade six class come to the gym to play a game of “bench ball” while listening to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, his favourite bands. All in all, it was a memorable day. Now if only the real principal could have days like that 🙂


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