5 Things To ROAR About: October 18th

18 Oct

IMG_61241. It Takes A Village …: This past week we had our Parent/Teacher & Student-Led conferences. Parents, students and teachers could be seen working together reflecting on the first few weeks of school and, more importantly, setting goals to ensure a successful report card next month. It was great to see children sharing their learning with their parents and listening to teachers engage parents in IMG_6122powerful conversation on how to help students achieve to their capabilities. The feedback so far has been positive on the new format. A huge thank you to all those who attended.

iPhone Image 84119A2. Green Thumb Presentation: This past week, West Langley had the popular group, Green Thumb, come to the school to share their presentation of “Wired.” This interactive performance examines the consequences of our online actions and the decisions that are made when we can hide behind the computer screen. It is a very timely topic for our students given the world that has emerged around them. I know that teachers continued to talk about digital citizenship and internet safety leading up to the assembly as well as following it. Be sure to ask your child what they learned from the show.

IMG_61163. The Best Part Of Me: The students in Mrs Janzen/Ms Cooper’s grade 4/5 class did a very cool integrated art and writing project that allowed them to celebrate what they like best about themselves. The students chose “the best part of me” and did a writing piece IMG_6104about why that was their favourite. They then had an artistic photo taken of the body part to put together with the writing. The result was a great display of celebration in our hallways. You can click here to see all the best parts of Division Four.

4. Division Five Calls #Grammar911: Many classes begin their day with some form of “daily oral language” where students are given sentences that are incorrect and they have to fix spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. This year, the IMG_6120grade 3 & 4 students in Ms Olson’s class have taken that idea and connected it with other students through the power of Twitter. The students receive a sentence on their class Twitter account that has mistakes. They then work collaboratively to correct the sentence and tweet it back out. It is so great to see these students enjoying a more authentic learning experience whileIMG_6121 developing some key concepts needed for writing. Click here to see some examples of their work.

5. We Day Conference: This year, West Langley was very excited to be included in the We Day conference held on Friday at Rogers Arena. The Me-to-We program IMG_6151was started by the Kielburger brothers a few years ago and since then, Free The Children has grown into a world-wide organization. Ten grade six and seven students joined thousands of other student leaders from around the province to hear inspirational speeches by people like Kofie Annan, Martin Luther King III and Romeo Dallaire. They also were treated to music from Hedly, Avril Lavigne and Down With Webster. This great day however is only the beginning. Our group of students have committed to at least one local and one global initiative designed IMG_6168to help those in need and make the world a better place. So while this incredible day will be etched in their memories forever, the difference they will make throughout this school year and beyond is the true impact of We Day. Check out this sixty second video summary comprised of 60 – one second clips of how Emma, Samantha, Erin, Ronil, Kumi, Mackenzie, Millie, Madi, Spencer and Sol spent the day.


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