5 Things To ROAR About: October 4th

04 Oct

On this day before World Teacher’s Day, we are happy to once again celebrate some of the many successes that occurred this past week at West Langley. As we turned the calendar into a new month, the learning continued to be plentiful. Please take a moment to checkout our 5 Things To ROAR About for October 4th and be sure to share with your family and friends.

1. Kaden Rocks Out With Bon Jovi: As many of you know, Kaden enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see his musical idol in concert and meet him backstage. Kaden’s mom wrote the following, great email to the school summarizing his experience:

20131002_194710_resized_1I can’t begin to tell you how exciting and unbelievable this experience has been for Kaden and our family.  So many people helped to put this together (after I simply asked an amazing young woman who we know from the fundraising fashion show at Children’s Hospital about her connection to Bon Jovi, knowing how much Kaden loves Bon Jovi—and she just ran with it!—Carrisa you are amazing!!)

Anyway, the response and support everyone has sent has been unbelievable.  I think we’re all still in shock and Kaden was certainly in awe!  John Bon Jovi was so down to earth and great with making Kaden feel comfortable.  Anyway, there has been so many emails and texts and calls from friends asking about how everything went and we truly appreciate all your shared excitement.  So in case you hadn’t seen today’s paper I thought I’d send these links.  The first one is a link to Bon Jovi’s webstite on their ‘news’ page!

The 2nd link is from You Tube because during the concert Bon Jovi actually dedicated ‘It’s My Life”20131002_212644_resized to Kaden….unbelievable.  We were so incredibly happy for Kaden!!  He’s been singing ‘It’s My Life” all day and is pretty tired because we also had a couple eye appointments at Children’s again today.  Anyway, I think he’s a bit overwhelmed by all the attention but he sure has been holding the guitar pick close that Bon Jovi gave to him 🙂

Thanks everyone once again—dreams do come true!  Talk to you soon….

IMG_59622. Division Three Make Friendship Bracelets For “We Change”: On October 18th, West Langley is excited to have ten grade six and seven students attending the annual We Day Conference at Rogers Arena. And while this is a great event, the real power of the We Change program is the year-long commitment our school will undertake to help those less fortunate. Ms McLeod’s class began this past week on that endeavour. With the help of Mrs. McDonald, the students learned IMG_5958how to make friendship bracelets. These will be sold to students and parents to help raise money for both our local and global initiative. Click here to check out a slide show of pictures.

IMG_59533. Provincial Lessons From Division Four: The students in Mrs. Janzen’s class have been learning about the provinces of Canada. They have had the opportunity to inquiry about a variety of aspects of this great country, collaborating with a partner on what they have discovered. As a culmination, they then used the iPadsIMG_5953 to create informational commercials sharing the best parts of their province. Be sure to click here to check out Sara and Nikk’s iMovie on the West Langley YouTube channel.

4. The Grade Twos Explore The Elf In The Tree: There is a great poem that Mrs. O’Byrne uses to introduce the beginning of the Autumn season.

A little elf sat on a tree

he painted leaves to throw at me.

Leaves of yellow, leaves of red

came tumbling down about my head.

IMG_5981The students not only enjoyed reading the poem, but created these amazing pictures inspired by the writing. As you can see in this collection of art, the students really captured the whimsical and playful nature the author was going for. IMG_5989This is the time of year that nature is usually at its most beautiful and the students really captured that.

5. Grade 4/5 Class Make Button Blankets: The students in Mrs. Janzen’s class had a special visitor on Friday. Krystal Delong stopped by to talk with the students about the importance of the button blanket in the Aboriginal culture Each student learned the history of button blankets and were also shown Ms. DeLong’s family blanket of a killer whale. The student then got to make their own mini-button blanket. Great hands-on authentic learning. A huge thank you to Mrs Grywacheski, Mrs Woznica, Mrs Yoon, Mrs Postnikoff and Mrs Thoeny for helping out. Check out more pictures by clicking hereIMG_0405


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