5 Things To ROAR About: September 27th

28 Sep

How does the expression go, “better late than never.” After some issues with the WordPress website yesterday, we are excited to bring you the celebrations from the past week at West Langley. It was a busy time with students and staff continuing to engage in amazing learning. And of course, we took time to remember and recognize one of Canada’s national heroes. Here are our 5 Things To ROAR About for September 27th:

DSC_02311. West Langley Remembers Terry Fox: On Thursday, the students and staff of West Langley joined thousands of schools across Canada to participate in the annual Terry Fox run. After collecting coins all week to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation, everybody came outside in the beautiful sun to run and walk in remembrance of this amazing young man. One of the touching parts of the day DSC_0215was seeing who students said they were running for. Seeing the names of parents, grand parents, friends, etc on their shirts was a reminder of how many people are effected by cancer and the impact it can have. You can see more pictures of this important by clicking here.

DSC_01172. Division 8 Inquires About Heroes: Many of the staff and students at West Langley have been looking for ways to incorporate the inquiry process into their learning. So as a spin-off of our Terry Fox festivities, Mrs Williams and her grade 1/2 class decided to explore the idea of what a hero is DSC_0118through inquiry. They brainstormed questions about what makes someone a hero. They discussed fictional heroes they are familiar with and then began connecting that to real-life heroes in their own world. This form of constructivist instruction gives our students the opportunity to create and take responsibility for their own learning. We look forward to seeing what other things they discover about heroes.

DSC_01313. Kindies Create A Letter Tree: One of the classic books children read is the Bill Martin Jr classic Chicka Chicka Booom Boom. This amazingly illustrated book also helps children learn to recognize different letters. Its repetitive nature allows children to quickly be able to commit the story to memory while ingraining the shapes of the different letters. Mrs Wong DSC_0120then had the students create their own coconut trees, choosing letters to have fall from its branches. These pieces of original art provide a great hands-on learning experience for students as they continue their journey to independent reading. All the photos are posted here.

iPhone Image 6A08744. Rotary Presents Dictionaries To Our Grade Fours: It has been a longstanding tradition at West Langley that the Langley Rotary Group comes in September to present our grade four students with their very own dictionary. This generous donation gives our children an important tool in their growth as literacy writers. The students were very excited to receive this gift for learning and started using them right away. And we know they will continue to be utilized for years to come.

IMG_59275. West Langley Staff Enter The Digital Playground: This Friday was our School Improvement Day at West Langley, also known as a Professional Development Day. And while students see it as a long weekend, it is valuable time for our staff to work together on goals for our school. Today we spent time exploring ways to engage students in authentic learning empowered by technology. Staff were given the opportunity to learn, IMG_5926and more importantly, play with some different tools that can be used to enhance learning in the classroom. There was a great energy from everyone as they modelled the type of learning we want to see in our students.

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