5 Things To ROAR About: September 6th

06 Sep

Welcome back!! It has been such a great week seeing students and families return after a great summer vacation. The energy in the building and around the school was amazing. It is obvious that West Langley is a place that children are happy and excited to be at. And of course, the learning began right away as staff continue to work towards engaging students in authentic learning empowered by technology. Check out our 5 Things To ROAR About from this past week and be sure to share with your family and friends.

photo (1)1. Ms Cooper Sets The Bar For The Grade Fives: Students from Ms. Cooper’s grade 5 class were forced to get their brains thinking right away as problem solving challenge was put before them. They were given some random supplies (ie. spaghetti, string, marshmallows, tape, etc) and a time period to build the biggest structure they could. And judging by the collaboration going on within each group, this inquiry photobased challenge had them fully engaged. Students came up with several different structures, learning which ones worked well and which did not.

IMG_57302. Grade 7s Create Facebook Profiles: There are many different “get to know you” activities that teachers use when students return from summer. In Ms Iggulden’s grade seven class, the outcome was combined with a real-life connection for students so that extended learning could occur. The class had to create a Facebook Profile (on paper) sharing different things about themselves to the teacher and their classmates. At the same time, it was an opportunity to talk IMG_5708with them about digital citizenship when it comes to setting up profiles for social media websites on the internet. And when learning is authentic like this, it becomes so much more meaningful for the students.

3. Mrs. Albrecht’s Class Catch A Friendship Fish: At the beginning of the year, it is so IMG_2771important to establish the kind of culture you want to have in your classroom. Mrs. Albrecht and the grade threes did a great activity based on what it means to be a good friend. Students brainstormed what is looks like and feels like to be a good friend to one another. They then turned these great ideas into a Friendship Fish bulletin board so that other students could see it when they walked by. So important for learning to transcend the four walls of the classroom.

4. MindUp With The Grade Fours: Ms Olson took full advantage of the first week of school to give her students some great self-regulation tools from the popular MindUp program. Students are given different IMG_5723strategies to keep their mind and bodies under control so that learning can occur at its most optimal level. They learn about the physiology of the human brain so that they can fully understand what gets them unfocused and, in turn, how they can focus better. This will definitely be a skill that they can continue to build on throughout the year and use at school as well as at home. .

IMG_57255. A Portrait Of Summer: The Grade twos in Mrs. O’Byrne’s class read through a great book about summer called The Squeeze-More-In. The book has wonderful illustrations that are painted. So as a connection to the book and as a way to share their summer adventures, the students then got out paint and created their own portraits of their IMG_5724summer holidays. The kids had a great time using this medium and created some amazing works of art.

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  1. Willie Nelson

    September 13, 2013 at 1:39 AM

    This is awesome! Great way to communicate with community!!


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